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The Famous Bicycle Tournaments Around The World

Updated on February 13, 2010

A Great Bicycle Tournament

Bicycle tournaments held across Europe and America are the most professional and famous bicycle competitions as they are used to rank the players.
Bicycle tournaments held across Europe and America are the most professional and famous bicycle competitions as they are used to rank the players.

Bicycle racing is not as famous as a Wimbledon tournament or a world cup football series. But bicycle racing has its credit. Lot of bicycle competitions is held throughout the world all through the year. The player getting the maximum number of points is ranked number 1.

History of bicycle races:
Bicycle races date back to the early 18th century. Bicycles created in olden days had front wheels larger than back wheels. They did not have any option to steer it. People had to drag their legs in road to move it. But even then in European countries young men gathered in parks to race among themselves.

Then Pierre Lallement created velocipede a model similar to our bicycle but fully in wood.

The front wheel was always bigger than the back wheel. This led to many accidents. However they kept making the front wheel bigger and bigger to increase the speed of the cycle which led to further complications only.

Then they invented safety bicycles in which the wheels were of equal size. The Rover safety cycles were the first to be used professionally for bicycle racing. Bicycle races became very famous in late 1800’s. Even though there were no world championships local bicycle races were held very often.

Modern era of bicycle races:
In the early 19th century bicycle riding turned into professional sport. Academies were setup and rules were laid for the game.

Arthur Zimmerman was the first famous bicyclist from 1890’s till late 19th century. First bicyclists drove in tracks called “velodrome”. Then they started to ride from one town to town or across a mountain until only one player survived and all others quit drained out fully.

In Early 20th century it governing agencies from Europe and America standardized the rules and regulations and held the World Championship bicycle competition in Chicago. Six day cycling events were frequently held in Europe, and Six – day team cycling events became popular in America.

Most famous bicycle races:
Tour de France is the most popular bicycle race. The tour lasts for three weeks and finishes in Paris. Similar type of races is held in Italy and in Spain. All these three races together are called Grand tours.

Paris-Rouen is another famous race held in France. Bicyclists ride from Arc de Triomphe in Paris to Rouen. Then there are UCI Pro Tour events which include Tour de Suisse, Paris-Nice and Criterium de DauphineLibere.

The five autumn stage races held in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Switzerland are also included in the UCI Pro Tour events. Apart from this the five spring stage races held in Europe are also included in this tournament.

There is a championship match in Olympics also. In America numerous bicycling academies conduct local races annually and occasionally. But the tournaments listed above held in Europe are the most famous one. Let us hope to add many more events like this to the list which will empower bicycling among public.


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