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Billy Blanks Video Reviews

Updated on April 4, 2013

Best Kickboxing Workout DVD

Looking for a fun video that will give you a workout while having fun. Billy Blanks Videos is my pick. I have to admit that I have been familiar with Billy Blanks videos for a long time. When I decided to find out what the best kickbosing DVD was I automatically skipped over them. Not because I did not think they was good but because I had them when they was only available on VHS so I thought their had to be something better.

After a few trys of buying and trying a few lame kickboxing workout DVDs, I tried some newer versions of Billy Blanks Videos. I was glad to see that they was just as good now as they was then, with some even improved areas that was made possible by technology, such as I do not have to listen to his instructions every time, I can just mute it to music instead.

Don't be fooled like I was, even though Billy had been around the block a few times it just goes to show he knows how to do a home Kickboxing work out DVD for beginners as well as those working on more advanced skills.

Blanks Workout For Abs - Tae Bo Ripped Extreme Review

Billy Blanks: Tae Bo Ripped Extreme
Billy Blanks: Tae Bo Ripped Extreme

This is a but kicking workout for those that are looking to get in a kickboxing workout but is still somewhat fit. Even those that are fit has expressed that they are drenched in sweat at the end of the DVD.


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Ultimate Bootcamp Workout Review

Billy Blanks: Ultimate Bootcamp
Billy Blanks: Ultimate Bootcamp

If you want to check out Billy Blanks workouts this is a super cheap DVD and will give a great workout. While not the toughest workout for kickboxing it is great for beginners and those that are new to kickboxing.


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Best Advanced Kickboxing DVD Set - Billy Blanks: PT 24/7

Billy Blanks: PT 24/7
Billy Blanks: PT 24/7

Billy will teach, motivate and inspire you to get the most out of this 7-DVD workout program. Get started – and excited – with his BASICS DVD. Feel your cardio improve and help melt the fat away with CARDIO and CARDIO BURN DVDs. The RIPPED CORE DVD features Billy’s exclusive six-pack moves to give you a strong core and flat abs you can see and feel. BOOT CAMP POWER DVD will take you through military-style power moves to transform not only your body, but your mind. COMBO SCULPT DVD will give you the best of both worlds: as you improve your cardiovascular health, you will sweat away the pounds and sculpt your body like never before. BODY BLAST DVD will take you to a higher level of fitness as you blast through powerful workouts that will help you get lean, strong and looking and feeling your best. Your body will transform and you will be on the path to a stronger, more powerful and healthier you!


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Kickboxing Workout Gloves

You do not have to wear kickboxing gloves especially if your a beginner, but it does do something for the mood. It's like it takes you more into the workout, when I put on my gloves I feel like I am in the ring and about ready to kick some but.

Billy Blanks workout videos on eBay

If your looking for a good deal on some kickboxing videos or DVDs check out eBay. Just make sure you do a little research to know what you are getting. Billy Blanks has put out many workouts, if your looking for a newer workout you may be disappointed to get one where everyone looks like they have came back from the past 10 or 15 years.

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