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Transcending personal and Cultural differences

Updated on December 16, 2014

Dormant energy needs to be transcended.

Light is needed to help us overcome the feelings we get with constant clouds, rains and bad weather. Depression can result if we don't learn to transcend these conditions in our mind.

I have spent four score and 14 years learning how to deal with this situation in cold climates and warm and humid climates. My wife introduced me to bioenergetics and yoga. These seem to help us in our work, keeping us stress free and not depressed.

The Winter Solstice.

This is the time of the First day of Winter. On December 21st the days stop getting shorter and begin getting longer here in the northern hemisphere of our Earth. In other words the end of shorter days. I cannot help it think of the light we get from the sun and from the electricity we generate. If you travel around the globe, you will experience all kinds of different lights, cultures and personal differences among the people. Can we transcend these differences??


It is said there is a coil of energy that exists at the base of your spine. This energy is dormant in most of the people here on Earth. According to yogic traditions this energy is called “Kundalini”.

When the energy is awakened it travels from the base of the spine to the top of the head.


Awakening of this energy, some call the “Prana” is what yoga is all about. Exercises and meditations that help us deal with hidden inner emotional blocks and drives. Some of these blocks are inherent, and are passed on from one generation to another. Others are from our experiences. Carl Jung says if we don’t deal with them they will express themselves in overshadowing and oblique ways that we do not understand.

Alexander and Leslie Lowen in their book “The Way to Vibrant Health” tell of different kinds of exercises to help us deal with and get in touch with tensions and blockages. Things that interfere with our adult life can be wounds and scars from our early family traditions. Our bodies hold blocks, tensions and memories that can unconsciously sabotage any efforts we make to get our needs met. Because of these blockages, our “Kundalini” could be asleep. They call what they do Bioenergetics. Doctor Lowen claims, with some good authority that he could look at you and tell you where your blockages are in your body, because of your body type. Their thesis is the body and the mind are functionally identical.

What goes on in the mind, is a reflection of what is happening in your body and vice versa. What many call spirit is referred to as “energetic processes” by Doctor Lowen. These energetic processes relate to the state of aliveness of our body. The more alive one is, the more energy one has and vice versa. As we age, we become rigid in many of these rigidities come from unresolved emotional conflicts. Stress produces a state of tension in the body. We can get some relief from our stress by meditation.


A simple medititation

One simple meditation, I like; has the sole purpose of doing this meditation until you see a light in your head.

When you inhale your breath, focus on your perineal area (The area between the genitals and the anus.)first sensing then directing the energy up the spine to the back of the head and curving over theskull.

With the exhale of your breath focus on the energy traveling to the forehead, splitting into two areas at the eyes; then down the sides of the nose and upper lip; meeting at the chin into one source and continuing down the front of the throat; through the breast bone and ending in the lower abdomen.

Try this meditation and see if it helps you get in touch with the all that is. The thing that will help us transcend any cultural or personal differences we THINK we have.

Meditation for transformation

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