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Health Benefits of Biomagnetic Therapy

Updated on April 16, 2011
Biomagnetic bracelet
Biomagnetic bracelet

Nowadays, biomagnetic jewelry are becoming popular everywhere. It claims to have many health benefits to the human body which makes it a very in demand accessory because of the good benefits it can give to the one wearing it. A very popular health benefit of magnetic jewelry is its ability to relieve stress and tension.

Magnetic jewelry is known to bring health benefits to our body. Therapists claim that wearing magnetic jewelry daily will heal some disorders in the body. According to them, when some parts of the body is exposed to magnetostatic fields, it shows promising healing benefits. The jewelry has to be worn in the reflexology point or the part of the body where the ailment has been diagnosed in order for the affected part of the body to be subjected to the field.  

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Magnetic jewelry comes in different kinds. It can be worn as a ring, necklace, bracelet, pendant, earrings, anklets and many more. It is not only known to be good for our health but it is also a good accessory to match your ensemble. The biomagnetic bracelets and bangles you can see to the right are not only a good accessory to match your outfit but will also give your body many health benefits. What is good with biomagnetic bracelets is that they don't tarnish and fade. You just need to wipe them off once in a while to maintain the luster in them.

There is an expected increase in the rate of the blood circulation when the iron in the human body's blood is magnetized. This reaction is believed to elevate the oxygen level of the body. The levels of endomorphins in the body which acts as painkillers would be enhanced by the magnetic field created. This is great for the body as it helps to alleviate pain and has a relaxing and stimulating effect to the body.

There are no known side effects to people who are wearing magnetic jewelry but only positive reports. However, it is always up to you if you will believe the claims of magnetic therapists who believe that magnetic therapy helps improve one's health condition. It is safest also to consult your physician before wearing one to make sure that you are wearing it at the safest vital point in the body.


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    • profile image

      Cameron Magnetmanoz 6 years ago

      Cant agree more I love the benefits of magnetic jewellery

    • profile image

      Adam Joshua 6 years ago

      Nice writing on Bio-magnetic Therapy..

      Thank you this article ..

    • wisealthealth profile image

      wisealthealth 6 years ago from Virginia, USA

      The great thing about magnetic therapy jewelry is that it is not only healthy, but can also be fashionable. There is some extremely stylish and unique magnetic therapy jewelry available.