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How to Find Bipolar Disorder Information

Updated on May 3, 2013

Information about Bipolar Disorder is Everywhere

You're sad, you're happy, you're sad again...and you just spent $500 on paint and picture frames because you wanted to redecorate your living room at 2a.m.


Curious if you are experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder? Looking for ways to understand your diagnosis if you already know you have bipolar? It is easy to find information about this chronic health condition. Many reputable sources are available to teach you everything you need to know, from signs and symptoms to treatment options.

A diagnosis of bipolar disorder can be overwhelming at times. Find information and support about this mental health condition to develop tolerance of folks with mental illness or make your own treatment process easier.

Talk to Your Psychiatrist

If you do not have a psychiatrist, contact your psychologist, PCP, or counselor. Doctors are often busy, and it can be hard to get them to call you back or spend more than 2 minutes talking to you during your appointment. If you don't have any luck getting information about bipolar disorder from one of your doctors, talk to the nurse or receptionist. They usually have pamphlets available.

Contact Your Local Psychiatric Hospital

Even if you have never been a psych ward patient, most psychiatric hospitals are still more than happy to assist you with finding the information you need. If they do not have any information available about bipolar disorder - although trust me, they will - they can refer you to a person or place who does.

Skim Your College Textbooks for Info About Bipolar Disorder

Most colleges require each student to take a basic Psychology course. If this sounds familiar, dig out your books and see what you can find. You probably won't find a detailed definition of bipolar disorder, but you will probably learn a few new things about how your brain works.

Read Bipolar Memoirs

If you're more interested in knowing how people with bipolar disorder actually think and act as opposed to just learning all about the mechanics of their brains, check out some memoirs about bipolar disorder. has tons of awesome bipolar books, and you can also find some good stuff at your local library.

Personal Experiences with Bipolar Disorder

Browse Prescription Drug Sites

Prescription drug websites are packed with bipolar info. Be careful as some information may be biased. The pharmaceutical business is, after all, still a business. Some common bipolar medication sites you might want to visit: Seroquel, Celexa, Geodon, Tegretol, Lamictal, and Depakote.

Watch Videos About Bipolar Disorder on YouTube

There are some excellent videos about Bipolar Disorder on YouTube. I watched several of them in one of my college classes. Also, if you're too manic to read, you may find it easier to watch a video than finish a memoir or textbook.

Awesome Documentary About Bipolar Disorder

Watch the whole thing. It's really good.

Search Online Bipolar Info Websites

This is probably the first thing you did (it may even be how you found this article), but Google "Bipolar Disorder". You will find that there are literally millions of results on the topic. To narrow it down, be specific in your search; for example, type in "Bipolar Meds" or "Bipolar Mania".

Participate - Or Lurk - In Forums for Bipolar People

Forums will help you understand your condition better; in fact, you might learn more than you ever dreamed of about bipolar disorder. The anonymity of the internet helps people feel comfortable discussing just about anything. Just remember not to take things personally if some jerk sneaks onto a message board and bashes people with bipolar disorder. They're the one with an issue, not you.

Join a Bipolar Disorder Support Group

Talking to other folks who share your mental disorder can be helpful and educational. It's nice to know that you aren't alone as you navigate depression and mania.

Not sure how to locate a bipolar disorder support group? Visit the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and use their handy online tool.

Check eBay

Sometimes eBay has some awesome products related to mental illness. There are books, shirts, vitamins, and more.

Are you living with bipolar disorder? - Tell us what it's like

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    • SimonJay profile image

      SimonJay 4 years ago

      My ex gf had this and she was a nightmare.

    • tobydavis profile image

      tobydavis 5 years ago

      A useful starting point for people who are worried about having, or the chance of having a Bipolar Disorder. The more people can bring these kinds of conditions into the public mind and out of the shadows, the better for all. I have chronic depression, so not the same. But I have a great deal of sympathy for anyone suffering from a condition with the spectrum of depression conditions.

    • mojoCNYartist profile image

      Dan 5 years ago from CNY

      Did you see y Bi-polar rock lens?

    • andrewdar profile image

      andrewdar 5 years ago

      Thank you for the information about a common psychiatric disorder dear ThisisMissyMiss.