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bob proctor law of attraction

Updated on July 23, 2014

Do You Know Who Proctor Is ?

You know, I never believed that I would meet Bob Proctor, but I have !

I'll never forget this moment - for years I've been listening to his CD's, and seen him on YouTube. Then one day, I've received an email that Bob Proctor comes to speak in my country. I was amazed. I quickly saved my seat and changed all my plans.

Let me tell you, this moment of anticipation, when they called him to stage, and I saw this amazing person live... it was a little like a dream.

If you're here, I'm sure that you know already who Proctor is.

What is the Law of Attraction ?

Law of attraction, simply means, that whatever is on your mind, must manifest in your reality.

This means that if a you're negative all the time, besides the lousy feeling you get, you'll also inevitably attract bad situations into your life.

I also had difficult time in believing it, until I've noticed the simple thing, that when you come to work pissed off, your day becomes even worse. If you fight your urge for negativity, your day may become unbelievably good.

That is the law of attraction in a few words.

See Proctor In Action

It's always so interesting to see Bob on stage, he's such a great speaker. This one is my favorite program of his - 6 minutes each day to transform your mind.

Why not checking some of life transnational products by Bob, who made thousands of Millionaires around the world.

The Importance of Relaxation

I was always a pretty stressed guy. I was stressed by my studies, by the situation of my country.

I would worry over money, over my job, over my relationships, and really assumed the stressed way of life as my reality.

That is, until I've encountered Bob Proctor's teachings. He emphasized the importance of a relaxed mind.

In a relaxed state of mind, you can actually think in a natural and healthy way, come with solutions, and most importantly to feel well, no matter what circumstances you meet.

Attraction of Money

Money has always been a taboo for me. I've never been explained, where money actually comes from.

I was given the usual go to school, get good grades, get education and find a job route. Everyone does that.

But for some reason, I've felt the urge to rebel. It wasn't enough for me, I was hungry for more than a mediocre life.

This is what Proctor talks about, the attraction of money. He explains so well how to behave and think, in order to become a person who attracts money into his or her life.

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