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Is Your Diet Causing Body Odor

Updated on August 27, 2009

What causes body odor?

Diet and body odor are know to relate very closely to each other. If you are suffering from excessive BO it may just be your diet or other things in your lifestyle. Body odor is caused from excessive sweat released for m the sweat glands. The most common areas of excess sweating include the underarm, genital area, and head. Basically area where hair is present tend to sweat more.

A simple way to to cut down on the amount of sweat that is produced in these hairy areas is to shave them. There is also deodorants and anti antiperspirants that are meant for underarms. The use of body on pubic area will also keep them drier resulting in less body odor.

Be sure to shower often in the morning and at night if you need to. Some peoples body temperatures raises at night making there body produce more sweat and bacteria than during the day.

Is your diet to blame for severe body odor?

If you are a smoker and it is possible stop smoking as smoking is though to change how your body sweat smell. It may not be causing the excessive sweating but it can actually change what it smells like.

The fluids that one puts in his or her body can have a direct correlation to the excess BO. An overabundance of caffeine can cause body odor. Caffeine is a diuretic meaning it dries out the body resulting in more sweating and more frequent trips to the bathroom. Aim to drink 6-8 glasses of water as this will help keep the skin hydrated. The body is mostly made of water so try and keep it as well hydrated as possible.

A diet high in meat protein and fat is thought to be a cause of significant body odor. A well balanced diet including six serving of fruits and vegetables should be followed. Thirty percent fat, thirty percent protein, and forty percent carbohydrates is a good proportion of calories. The main source of protein should come from fish and chicken in your diet if you think meat is to blame for the excess body odor. How to stop sweat could be in your diet.


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