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Body Manifesto: A Dedication to Recovery and Self-Love

Updated on March 10, 2013

I have allowed fear to ruin my life. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of not being attractive, fear of being fat, fear of gaining weight, fear of being anything larger than a size six; fear of hard work, fear of mediocrity, fear of imperfection, fear of sadness, fear of anger, fear of empathy. Fear of my own body. The fear of my own feelings. The fear of looking at my own face. I am afraid, deeply and completely petrified. I am a small child hiding under the covers and refusing to come out because the Boogeyman is everywhere; it is in the size of my thighs and the circumference of my waist and the imperfections on my face and the largeness of my smile; the Boogeyman is me. I evade my shadow, but even small children know that you cannot run from yourself.

It is time now to stop being afraid. It is time to gaze in the mirror not with fear, but with love. It is time to stop crying over issues that exist only in my head. It is time to stop telling myself that I am too ugly and too awkward and too worthless to be deserving of love or happiness. It is time to stop hiding – from others, from romantic partners, from myself. I am not terrible and I am not wrong and I am not stupid and I am not ugly and I am not hopeless. I am bright; I have love, I have dreams; I have drive, I have beauty, I have strength. Heaven knows only the strong-willed could survive even a week of the barrage of hatred that has filled my waking life for over a decade now. It is time to stop the hatred. It is time to start loving myself, in my entirety and without condition. I am not loveless, I am not hopeless. I am brave, I have conviction; my love is not mediocre.

I am afraid but I am not helpless.


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    • Ardot profile image

      Ardot 5 years ago from Canada

      You go girl! Kick fear in the ass!

      I don't know if you know He-Man.... but that's who I picture myself to be in the face of a new challenge.

      I actually will (in my mind) draw my broadsword and scream (in my head)

      "By the power of GraySkull!"

      Then lightning strikes my sword and I'm ready to face ANYTHING!

      There was a female version as well, her name was She-Ra.... She'd do the same except she'd say, "I have the power"


      Good luck with whatever you are trying to conquer in yourself and don't give up. Fight! Lash out! But try to be nice about it.