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Measures to strenghten the natural resistance of the body

Updated on December 26, 2016

Only knowing the cause for weakening of natural resistance is not enough. It is therefore, essential to know how we can preserve and restrenghten natural resitance power of the body.

Proper dietary and living habits:

  • Diet occupies an important place during sickness as well as during the healthy condition. But generally we tend to neglect this fact. Great greek philosopher and father of modern medical science Hyppocrates has rightly said, "Seek your medicine in your diet only." Our diet should be balanced. The diet which contains proteins (15-20%), carbohydrates (40-50%), fats(3-5%), vitamins and minerals (20-25%) in their respective appropriate quantites is called balanced diet. 1) Proteins are available from meat, milk and various pulses. 2) Carbohydrates are avialable from various grains. 3) Fats are avialable in saturated and unsaturated types.To maintain health it is advisable to reduce consumption of saturated fats and replace it with unsaturated fat. Saturated fat is in high proportion in ghee, palm oil, coconut oil and vegetable ghee. Unsaturated fat is found mostly in sunflower, til, mustard and groundnut oil. 4) Vitamins and minerals these days are added in many eatables but natural source is fruits and vegetables.
  • Also, there are two types of foods: alkaline and acidic. Both types of food leave their residues as alkaline and acidic respectively. The constituents of our blood is alkaline. So it is desirable that our diet should be largely alkaline. Generally milk, fruits, green vegetables, edible roots and tubers are alkaline foods. Grains contain both alkaline and acidic qualities in equal proportion. While sweets, fried items and non vegetarian foods are mostly acidic. A balanced diet has 80% alkaline and 20% acidic foods.
  • Over-eating not only harms the stomach and the digestive system but also various other organs of the body. It causes obesity, toxicity in the whole body and burdens various organs of the body like liver and kidneys. As the old saying goes-' We survive on the 25% of the food we eat, on the remaining 75% survive our doctors'- might be frought with some exaggeration, but contains a grain of truth also. Celebrated dietician dr. Ready Mellet says "To be perfectly healthy, one should live in a state of almost continous hunger." 'You'll eat more if you eat less and you'll eat less if you eat more.' Proper dieting increases longetivity and in the longer run who lives longer eats more food.

Physical activity:

  • Good health comes from phyusical activity which is as important as our diet. Our ancestors and forefathers were strong and healthier than us because their life was full of physical activities. In today's world mechanization has induced man to forget the importance of physical activity. In one of the commandments Lord Jesus has also said that,"Thou shalt not eat thy bread without earning it by the sweat of thy brow". Through these words he too has referred to the importance of physical activity in the life. Exercise has various effects on various organs of the body.
  • Regular exercise strenghtens the heart muscles and improves thier efficiency. It also helps in increase of blood oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells.
  • During the course of the exercise, breathing becomes faster and deeper and consequently more oxygen is available to the body.
  • There is a rise in the number of the red and white cells in the blood.
  • The exercise raises the temperature of the body and this burns food faster.
  • Exercise causes the food to get digested well and also the residual waste is excreted from the body.
  • Perspiration during exercise help in eliminating toxic elements through the skin.

Psychological equilibrium:

  • Stress is an important factor affecting the resistance of the body. Less stress allows the brain to function optimally thereby the whole body functions well.
  • Failing to manage stress can lead to hypertension (high blood pressure), heart diseases, migraines etc. It invariably shortens the lifespan.
  • Meditation and Yoga are banes for stress. Person doing them would have no stress related problems.


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