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Bottled Water Or Filtered Water?

Updated on August 24, 2017

Bottled Water or Filtered Water is a Health and Budget Decision!

Have you been wondering which is the healthiest option for your drinking water needs, Bottled Water or Filtered Water?

Obviously, the healthiest option should be our first consideration but in this tough economy we are having to make choices. Sometimes tough choices! But when it comes to choosing between Bottled Water or Filtered Water it would be wonderful if we could have the best of both worlds, Healthy and Cheap!

So many of us have developed the habit of buying and drinking bottled water we never give the cost a second thought. Bottled water has become a normal part of so many peoples' budget, kind of like bread and milk. But now, with a difficult economy people are looking for possible ways to trim their budget and save money.

A Public Drinking Water Crisis!

Testing and monitoring has shown that many small and major municipal drinking water supplies contain dangerous levels of contaminants including prescription drugs, heavy metals, rust and sediments, chlorine-tolerant cysts or parasites, chemicals from farm run off and corporate waste, and yes, even human feces.

Our government's solution to the crisis is to keep dumping more and more Bleach into our water! Now, just how healthy can that be?

Our Best Options!

Everywhere you go you see people walking around or driving in their cars with a Bottle of Water in their hand believing that what they are doing is a viable solution to our municipal drinking water crisis and some even consider it to be trendy. This is actually a pretty expensive trend because bottled water can cost upward to One Dollar Per Gallon depending upon brand. More for some brands! In fact many families are paying as much as $280 to $400 Dollars Per Year for Bottled Water.

Bottled water was developed as a logistical solution to supplying drinking water to disaster victims, not to be confused with genuine bottled spring water products like Perrier. When drinking bottled water became trendy it spawned a Multi-Billion Dollar industry duping the public into believing they are getting a safer option than drinking our tap water.

Bottled Water can be More Dangerous to your Health than the Water from your Tap!

The plastic bottles that are used for bottled water are made up of Toxic compounds and when the bottle is exposed to sunlight it causes those toxins to be released into the water. Even a brief exposure can cause a release of those toxins even though you can't see or taste them.

Leave a plastic bottle of water in the sunlight for about an hour and you will have a toxic potion you can taste.

Most brands of bottled water is just "Reprocessed" Tap Water that is passed through a charcoal filter to improve the taste and smell but does little to remove the dangerous pollutants that you are trying to avoid in the first place. Testing of the popular brands of bottled water reveal the same signature or level of contaminants found in the Tap Water from which it came.

There are no government authorities that regulate the bottled water industry so caveat emptor (Buyer Beware!), you are trusting your health to the companies that produce and market bottled water.

Bottled water adds to the Earth's Pollution!

How many more tons of empty plastic bottles will our landfills hold?

Our landfills are being inundated with thousands of tons of empty plastic bottles every year that take many many years to disintegrate.

When plastic water bottles are produced dangerous fluorohydrocarbons are released into the earth's atmosphere during the manufacturing process. The raw materials are produced from Fossil Fuel resources so there are considerable polutants produced in the initial processes as well as the transportation of the raw materials.

Home Water Filters are a Practical Solution to our Drinking Water Crisis!

When I go to the grocery store I often see a mother or father with a child with them and their grocery cart full with groceries and a couple cases of Bottled Water and I sense that they are struggling to make ends meet. They buy the bottled water because the want what they believe is best for their family but I think to myself how much difference would it make to that family if they had an extra $200, $400 or even $800 Dollars Per Year!

A high quality Home Water Filter is without a doubt the most practical solution to our drinking water needs and the crisis we are faced with! Not only will a home water filter system put you in control of the quality of your drinking water but you will have hundreds of extra dollars in your budget that wouldn't be there if you chose bottled water instead of filtered water.

Unfortunately, if you research and investigate the Water Filter Industry as much as I have you will come to the conclusion, like I did, that the Water Filter Companies that have the most Seductive Ads on the internet or the most enticing websites generally are the lowest quality!

How Much Money Can I Save?

A high quality residential countertop or under the counter water filter can produce 99% Pure Water for as little as $.05 to $.15 Cents Per Gallon. Imagine if you could cut your drinking water budget by 85% to 90% and get even cleaner healthier water in the bargain.

Or stated another way, you would Save $267 to $800 Per Year! Kind of a No Brainer isn't it!

Not all Water Filters are Created Equal!

There is so much confusion when it comes to selecting a residential water filter system. Some assume that any filter will do or that you need the most expensive system available to get the cleanest safest water possible. Actually, neither is true!

The dinky water filters available from the local department store and most of the ones online are not of sufficient design to remove the dangerous pollutants found in most municipal drinking water supplies. The filter cartridges used are generally too small and usually employ just one filtration technology (Carbon) to filter the water and are only effective for improving the taste and smell of the water.

These lower quality water filters are designed primarily to keep you coming back to buy more filters.

On the other hand an expensive Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System can cost over $1,000.00 but unless your drinking water source has heavy salt content or radiation you simply don’t need a Reverse Osmosis System.

A high quality residential water filter system that utilizes Multiple Technologies is the best way to go for the vast majority of situations. These Systems are very easy to install and can sit on your countertop or under it and cost anywhere from $100 up to $200.

Not only should you consider the cost of the unit itself but you also need to look at the overall operating cost based upon the replacement filters and their life expectancy.

Chinese Counterfiting
Chinese Counterfiting


Unfortunately, there are a lot of Chinese counterfeit water filters that have flooded the market so make sure you purchase a water filter from the US manufacturer itself or an Authorized Dealer.

Beware of the water filters that are being offered through MLM (multi level marketing) companies who add layer upon layer of commission and profits to the price.

Because a Home or Residential Water Filter is a health related device it is my personal opinion there needs to be credible documentation of the filtration effectiveness by a credible Independent Testing Institute and a means of Verifiable Quality Control. For this reason I have concluded from my research that a "Made in the USA" water filter is the best options for a home water filter system. However, I found that not all US manufactures are worthy of our trust!

Anyone Can Build a Water Filter!

There are hundreds of water filters available in stores and on the internet. In fact almost anyone can build a "Water Filter!" Simply go to Home Depot and buy a length of PVC Pipe and a couple of caps with pipe fittings on each end, stuff a roll of paper towels in the PVC pipe and va la, you have a water filter! Do you think this would produce the clean safe drinking water you want for you and your family? There are products out there that won't give you much better results than this crazy illustration.

My point is this, just because a company claims their product is a water filter and that it will remove the dangerous pollutants from your tap water, DON'T BELIEVE THEM! Don't trust your health to their claims. Only buy a water filter from a company that has Certified, Up-To-Date Test Results from a Credible Independent Testing Institution! What you want to do is look for the "Influent" quantities first and then compare the results after the water has been passed through the filter system. Only then can you be sure you are investing in a water filter system that will give you the results you are seeking.

Clean refreshing water from filter
Clean refreshing water from filter

Thoughts and Suggestions!

When someone asks me the question, which is best for our health, Bottled Water or Filtered Water, the answer is clear: water filtered through a high quality water filter system is by far the safest, healthiest and the least expensive option.

The consequences of drinking water that contains dangerous pollutants may take years to manifest itself in the way of a dread disease. Then it could be too late to do something about it!

Unless you are the unfortunate victim of some kind of major disaster and require bottled water to survive I would seriously recommend that you ditch the bottle and consider making the modest investment in a high quality home water filter.

Installing and using a good quality home water filter system may be the very best step we can take to improve our health.

To your good health,

Will Marcus

What is your Opinion of Bottled Water vs Filtered Water? - Do you believe bottled water is the best option for safe drinking water or filtered water?

The bottled water industry is a multi-billion dollar industry but do you believe the water in those bottles is a safer more economical option than a good quality home water filter that gives you more control of the quality of your drinking water for a fraction of the cost?

Which do you think is the best option for safe economical drinking water?

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Your comments are welcome!

I especially appreciate comments on how you have improved your health or your results from using any of the products I recommend!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      We use filtered water. I don't like bottled water.

    • Erin Mellor profile image

      Erin Mellor 

      5 years ago from Europe

      I'm lucky enough to live where the tap water is safe, but people still spend money on bottled water which is less safe and creates lots of waste. It baffles me!

    • PlethoraReader profile image


      6 years ago from Silicon Valley

      Could not agree more on the dangers of plastic bottles. Thanks for sharing the other options for us. Will check them out.


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