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Two Alternatives to Bottled Water

Updated on September 10, 2010

The bottled water industry seems to have convinced the entire water-drinking world that the water coming from the tap in your house is unsafe to drink or somehow lower quality water than the water provided in the bottle. Bottled water companies have made a fortune selling plain old tap water in plastic packaging to millions of people all over the world and the byproducts are causing havoc on our environment and our society.

Environmentalists are currently waging an ad campaign war against the bottled water brands because the packaging they distribute isn’t biodegradable and is filling up our landfills and oceans with avoidable waste. As more and more people flock to the supermarkets and fill their baskets with bottled water they are creating an abundance of trash that is completely unnecessary.

When you realize that the water found inside most bottled water labels is almost entirely the same as the water found coming out of your faucets at home you can see just how needless it is for people to use a plastic bottle once and throw it away. Rather than further pollute the environment with tiny little plastic bottles we should be working to clean it up and ensure that the quality of our water remains in tact.

Here are two alternatives to bottled water that you can start using today:

Reusable Water Canisters:

Bottled water may be great for hydrating the commuter or the world traveler but you can just as easily, and more cost effectively, hydrate yourself with a reusable canister. One time use water bottles are the bane of environmentalists because they build up in the trash piles so quickly and can’t be gotten rid of easily. If you cut down the bottles you use to just one washable canister you will save hundreds of dollars and thousands of years for the planet.

Water Coolers and Fountains:

You may not be able to slide a water cooler into your purse for easy access but you can make it so that once you get to your office or somewhere else you will have clean water to drink. Place a water fountain or cooler in a building and hundreds of people can use it and stop using bottled water.  Your home water quality can also be improved by installing a water cooler in your kitchen for drinking water.


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