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bounce -back -from -over -eating -the -night -before

Updated on August 14, 2016

The night (or day you) decide to trash your body

I am confident to say that we all have our days in which we over consume calories. You go out on a beautiful night (or day) and consume a huge portion of mash potatoes, rice at grandmas house, bread from the bakery, pasta, ice cream, cheesecake and the list goes on. Some may over consume calories by drinking alcohol. Some may even consume all of this energy in just one day. Setting yourself up for a disaster. I gave it a nick name, "the night (or day) before" You know the feeling, you can' breathe, you need a time out; maybe even a sense of disappointment.

Im here to help my friends, by providing some information and tips to recover from "the night before"


What you are doing is storing energy from the calories that come from the foods we consume! Our energy come from fats, carbohydrates and protein. When we start to over consume energy from the carbohydrates, fats and protein we store the calories in the form of adipocytes also known as our fat cells. Fat cells can significantly impact our body composition, blood pressure and more.

Stored energy

Some of us maybe wondering what the storage mark is. Consuming 3500 calories more than the energy you use, equals to a pound gained of stored energy! The over consumption of food can really lead to a psychological and physical challenge; but here i provide key ways to counteract "the night before" (or day) and really minimize the damage you have ALREADY done. Stored energy can be utilized, if done strategically. Here I give a few tips to get into that stored energy, from the over consumption from the previous night.

Now some of these tips do include taking supplementation, and certain types of training that maybe too advance for you. If you have any medical conditions; it is critical that you speak with your physician before attempting supplements or any exercise tips that may put you in a potential dangerous situation.

One ideal way of understanding how to attack the damage done "the night before" is being prepared by documenting what you are going to eat and indulge in. Some who don't know what they are going to eat before-hand can write down what they ate the very next morning. Having it mentally or writing it down will help accountability, prepare your workout and make calorie adjustments to balance out the day before and the day after. Some of you may want to cut calories.

Increasing your workout session

You overly consumed food? Then make it your business to work an extra 15 min to 30 min and really emphasize on burning more calories by, doing more reps, more sets, running or even walking. Just get it done!

High Intensity Interval Training (HITT)

According to HIIT, is described as a system that is organized by using cardiorespiratory training which entails numerous burst of short duration and high-intensity and low intensity exercise to counteract and recover in a dynamic manner.


Using supplements such as L carnitine to aid in the damage. Now supplements L - carnitine is meant to be consumed with a smart meal plan and exercise program (3-4 weeks) for maximizing product efficiency; but if we are talking about one day of total chaos then i can suggest taking L carnitine. How does L-carnitine work? L-carnitine transfers fatty acids (long chains), such as triglycerides into the mitochondria (organelle), where they may be oxidized (cause a reaction) to produce energy. Carnitine has also been shown to reduce fatigue and serve as an appetite suppressant as well. Just a few benefits of L-carnitine.

Another supplement that may aid in "As per omega 3's supplementation or through food helps increase metabolism by the effects it has on Leptin, which is a hunger hormone. Not only does omega 3's aid in metabolism and it also helps maintain nerve cell membrane. Omega 3's contain DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid).

I suggest taking this supplement along with early morning omega 3's or L carnitine. You can even stack these 3 supplements to aid from "the night before".


Glutamine is a non essential amino acid. An non- essential amino acid in which the body manufactures it but only by the way the body needs it. Glutamine helps fight food cravings

Digging in deep

Sometimes you just have to dig in deep. Even the day after when you just don't feel like heading out the door. Get out of your comfort level and exercise. You want to feel good? Look great? There are distinct people. People that when you pass by them, you mentally tell yourself yourself wow, i know she works out! You dam right she works out. She makes it her business to stay in shape and clear of medical bills. Yeah you don't take care of your body they do come!

These were some of strategies i have designed for my clients who occasionally over indulge to balance fun and staying sexy! I hope this can work for you!


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