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Brain Games

Updated on February 27, 2016


The human brain is a miracle organ. It is what makes humans different than any other creatures. As we age, our brain will deteriorate slowly. However, science has found new ways to help. There are many programs that we can use to improve our brain functions and keep it sharp. In addition, nutrition and life style can contribute to a long and productive life. I hope this hub will help.

February 2015

Our Amazing Brain

It is a well know fact that our brain slows down with age. It takes a few seconds longer to recall a name or an idea we always known. Some call them a "senior moment" and most people over the age of fifty have experienced it. It is also true of the old adage "use it or lose it". Recently, scientists have discovered that our brain is much more complex. People have used the simple computer memory to model the human brain with little success. There are tremendous differences between the human brain and a computer. The human brain will degrade with age. How to slow down this process is the focus of many studies. It appears performing some brain exercises will help. This is not a new concept. It is well known that playing chess, poker, mahjong or doing crossword puzzles are all activities that help keep the mind sharp.

Some Simple Common Sense Tips

Here are some simple guidelines to improve your brain functions and live a long and productive life.

  1. Exercise regularly such as aerobics or jogging or swimming or walking or yoga.
  2. Eat healthy and nutritious meals including vitamins and anti-oxidants. Always eat with moderation.
  3. Practice deep breathing exercises.
  4. Practice meditation or prayer daily. Just minutes a day will make a difference.
  5. Get adequate rest or sleep daily. This really depends on your own metabolism. Some people only needs 6 hours of sleep but others could use 10 hours.
  6. Don't use mind altering drugs.
  7. Don't smoke.
  8. May drink alcohol moderately such as wine or beer.
  9. Be sociable and make friends.
  10. Perform volunteer work, no matter how small, will have positive benefits.
  11. Laugh often and spread the cheer.
  12. Avoid stress when possible.
  13. Sing or play a musical instrument.
  14. Play mind games such as bridge, Mah Jong, crosswords, puzzles etc.
  15. Try some of the brain games available on the market. They really works. Check out the links below.

Eating Foods and Taking Supplements

Here are some foods that are recommended to help your brain functions.

  • fresh caught fish such as Salmon
  • blueberries
  • nuts and seeds
  • avacado
  • whole grains
  • fresh brewed green tea
  • dark chocolate

Some common supplements that also helps.

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B6, B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Omega 3 fats

Remember Rubik's Cube?


National Geographic Channel has a show called Brain Games. It's been on for a few seasons. I find it fascinating to learn about the various intricacies that make up our brain. It is much more complex than people realize. Our brain functions on so many levels and it seems to produce the optimal results. It can switch gears on a dime and focus on the most important subject. Most amazingly, it can balance all the various elements of our lives (work, personal, social and spiritual) and also keep our physical body running in perfect harmony. All this contained in about three and half pound of tissue. Have some fun with brain games.

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    • profile image

      Hafiz 3 years ago

      Have played Clutter 1 & 2 over and over, gnviig myself new challenges each time, for example: try to get through using no hints, trying to do it without any misclicks, etc. I just wish there were a high score or leaderboard option to the game so each of the family members can try to outdo the high scorer. Unless we keep a piece of paper with each person's name listed and then write down each score, we have no idea how we are doing against each other. Would like to see a clutter 3 someday.

    • tplus profile image

      tplus 10 years ago

      Congratulations! You are #8 at Who Has the Most Lenses?! I've picked this lens to be featured alongside your name. Come check out your competition!

    • profile image

      HeadStrong 10 years ago

      Hi Jack - some great common sense tips. Take a look at for more or our Lens at

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      BrainTeasers 10 years ago

      Can you add this one to your brain exercise games: