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Bread, Rice or Pasta Which is Best for Diet?

Updated on March 26, 2014

Bread, Rice or Pasta

A cup or rice, 2 loaves of bread and a cup of pasta have almost the same calorie content. Rice will just make you feel full easily as compare to bread.

Most of the time, I heard people saying that to make them lose weight, they should change their staple food. They want to change from Rice to bread and sometimes it is often think that its better to eat pasta than to eat rice.

Without understanding, many people conclude that in order for them to lose weight, they should change their staple food.

I was raise from a family who consume rice three times a day, sometimes, it became 4 times. During breakfast at 8am, lunch at 12noon, rice again at 4pm and dinner at 8pm. So it is a common perception that eating rice will make us fat, and to came back to good body shape, we often think to lessen the consumption or totally eliminate rice in our diet.

image Credit, Basmati Rice, Flicker

Rice Bread Pasta Comparison

Bread Rice Pasta
Bread Rice Pasta

Which do you think is the best for diet?

Rice and pasta has almost the same nutrition facts while bread has lower in calories if you only consume 2 slices of bread, but if you consume more than 2 slices of bread, you will get higher carbohydrates as compare to 1 cup of rice. Mashed potato have low calorie and protein content but have higher sodium and cholesterol content.

Rice have good dietary fiber and have no sugar, sodium and cholesterol content, which makes it a better choice for those who are very sensitive on their diet.

Rice or Bread or Pasta, Which do you think is the best for diet?

Most Common Staple Foods - Rice is my staple food

Staple foods provide the largest portion of diet and energy needs of each individual. It has different kinds and varies from different regions around the world. Usually it became the staple food of one country because it is inexpensive to produce, it provides energy for hours and it can be stored for a long period of time. Climate and temperatures also contributed to the production of staple foods from different countries.

In my country Rice, is our staple food. It is easy to grow rice in tropical climate areas like Philippines. Rice need lots of water and our country can provide that because Philippines have too much bodies of water like river, lakes and ponds.

  1. Corn - Popularly known as Maize, this is the most important staple food in Africa. Maize produces, Pop Corn, Sweet corn and Cornstarch which is a major cooking ingredients in home cooking and industrial products. This is the most produced staple food because it also produce, corn oil, corn syrup, grain alcohol for whiskey and starch source for beer. It is also fed for livestock. Corn are also produced on different countries. Many people eat corn by boiling on water or by grilling. Corn has a sweet taste. A Sample of sweet corn is called Japanese Corn.
  2. Wheat - Is the second most produced cereal after corn, it also produce high quality flour that is widely used for baking. Wheat is a popular food for North America and Middle East. Most of the bread are made of Wheat flour. In Middle East, bread is the staple food. Just like eating rice, they eat bread together with their favorite viand.
  3. Rice - It is the third most important staple food around the world and are consume by almost half of the worlds population. It is produced in Asia where there are plenty of water or high rainfall. Rice is cooked by boiling or steaming, and absorbs water during cooking. Rice differs on shape and color. There are long grain rice and brown rice. To cook 3 cups of rice, it will also need 3 cups of water.
  4. Potatoes - It is the fourth largest produce staple food in the world. It can be served in many ways, like peeled or with skin, seasoned or plain. Mashed potato and fries are the most common dishes for potato. Potato is widely used as thickeners and binders for soup in the food industry. It is also used to brew alcoholic drinks like vodka. Potato grow easily. If you left potato unattended for many days, you will notice that it spout leaves from its body.
  5. Cassava - It is the most drought tolerant crops and very easy to plant. You can plant cassava just by putting its stem on the ground or cassava root crops. Cassava should be cooked and prepared well to detoxify it first before it can be consume by human. Many people are reported to experience stomach pain after eating improperly cooked cassava. The most popular dish for this is cassava cake.

What is your staple food?

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