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Bronchitis Home Remedies

Updated on October 19, 2009

Bronchitis Home Remedies

Bronchitis Home Remedies

An idea on bronchitis home remedies

Bronchitis is inflammation of mucous membrane lining of the bronchial tubes. It usually occurs following

a respiratory infection, such as a cold or fl u or by gastroesophageal reflux disease due to backflow of

acids into the lungs. There are 2 types of bronchitis i.e. acute and chronic .


Acute Bronchitis:-


It is caused by viral infection and the duration of this type of bronchitis is up to 1-2 weeks.



Chronic Bronchitis:-



- Chronic bronchitis is more serious than acute bronchitis.

- It is caused by long term exposure lung irritants (like cigarette smoke) which cam lead to inflammation and thickning of lining of bronchial tubes .



Causes of bronchitis:-




- Wrong eating habits.

- Use of refined foods like refined cereals, white sugar, white flour ,soft-drinks, candies, ice-cream etc .

- Smoking.

- Earlier medication.

- Working in stuffy atmosphere.

- Weather and environmental changes.




Symptoms of Acute bronchitis:-



• Congestion of chest and sinus.

• Cough with yellowish-grey or green phlegm.

• Fatigue.

• Shortness of breath.

• Sore throat.




Symptoms of Chronic bronchitis:-


- Shortness of breath.


- Persistent coughing.


- Wheezing

If left untreated, bronchitis can lead to pneumonia in those at risk (elderly, smokers, and those with respiratory disease, such as asthma ).


Other Symptoms:-



- High fever.


- Difficulty in breathing.


- Hoarseness and pain in the chest.


- Loss of appetite.




Bronchitis Home Remedies:


- Drink lots of fluids (water, juice, and tea). Herbal teas, such as Throat Coat, which contains marshmallow and licorice, can help relieve sore throat .



- Try two teaspoons of horehound per one cup of boiling water. Add lemon and licorice to taste.



- Go for orange juice and water fasting take the juice of an orange in a glass of warm water

every two hours 6-8 times a day .


- 1 teaspoon turmeric powder + 1 glass of milk this mixture should be taken 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach. (Effective home remedy )


- Make a mixture of Ginger powder + pepper + long pepper this resultant have antipyritic properties and also tone up metabolism .( if you want take this mixture with honey or infused with tea )


- A hot Epsom-salts bath every night will be highly beneficial in acute bronchitis.

    3 lbs. Epsom salt + 60 litres water ( 100 o F) . Patient should remain immersed in the bath for

about 20 minutes.


- A hot poultice of linseed should be applied over the front and back of the chest.


- Take 1 teaspoon raw onion juice in the morning. Onion liquefies phelgm and prevents its further formation.


- Go for a fresh air walk every day.


- Yoga Kriyas: jalneti andvamandhouti



Yogic asanas:  bhujangasana, shalabhasana, padmasana and shavasana. 



Pranayamas : kapalbhatti, anuloma-viloma, ujjai and bhramari




are highly beneficial in Bronchitis.





Some important points for your lifestyle :-


- Wash your hands frequently in order to avoid virus from spreading, also avoid rubbing your eyes, nose or mouth .


- Use an air purifier and humidifier in your room.


- Avoid smoking.


- For a sore throat, gargle with warm salt water and try lozenges that contain one or more of the following ingredients: slippery elm, marshmallow, vitamin C, zinc, eucalyptus, or menthol.


Bronchitis Home Remedies


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