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Building a Yoga Community

Updated on December 26, 2015

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What is a Yoga Community?

Anyone who has dedicated themselves into developing yoga as a lifestyle find it rewarding to inspire others to develop their own yoga advocacy. Hence, they are keen on promoting yoga to others and hopefully encourage more people to take on this healthier approach to life. Therefore, a yoga community is established by yoga enthusiasts within a specific area to enable practitioners within that area to meet up periodically to discuss events or activities that they can organize to let more people know what yoga is about.

In addition to promoting yoga to a larger audience, they also want to instill the deeper values of yoga such that people will come to expel common myth about this practice for a much deeper understanding. This is most especially true given that majority of westerners that practice yoga look at it merely as a fitness tool.

However, a yoga community is more than just a group of yogis gathering in a specific location and discuss things related to the community's activities or plan of action. The idea behind this is to make more people understand the true extent of a yoga practice and how it differs from your regular workout routine, due to the incorporation of physical and spiritual body. A yoga community hopes to instill in the mind of its members on the need to build relationship. This relationship refer not only among members of the community but to the entire universe as well. This is where the real beauty of the yoga practice shines through, such that it becomes a mutually rewarding experience for each one.

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How Can You Join?

If you want to experience the benefits discussed above, then joining a yoga community makes a lot of sense. By opting to join a particular community of yogis in your local area, then you can fully participate in its regular activities, gatherings, and special events while also advocating the cause of your organization. The ability to become involved is such a rewarding experience not only for yourself, but in your ability to let more people know about the amazing capability of yoga to transform one's life.

To join a specific yoga community that you like, the qualifications are simple. However, the rewards are massive such that you can advance your skill level, learn newer yoga styles straight from the experts, and gain new friends through your co-members in the community.

To learn more about the ways in which you can belong in a community and make your voice heard, read further below.

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Finding a Yoga Community to Join In

The biggest hurdle for some yogis, especially beginners, is often in locating a yoga community or group to join in. This phase requires a lot of patience and persistence on your part. You can begin by searching in your local area to discover if there are already existing groups. If not, you can either contemplate on starting your own yoga community. Or, you can further your search in other nearby areas or local studios. Take time to read community newsletters and bulletins to keep yourself informed of yoga activities established within your area and identify a person with whom you can talk with. Gather all the contact details you need to be able to reach them.

In the modern age, many yoga communities have also turned to the power of the internet to spread their message. Hence, you can look it up on the internet and find a local yoga community. You can performed advanced search queries to get accurate results and you can do the same process as above to express your desire of joining.

New Yoga Community :

Special Yoga Events and Activities

Once you have officially become a member of the yoga community that you wanted, make sure to actively participate in the activities. This will not only benefit the attendants to the event, but also yourself. Yoga is a progressive activity; thus, you need to continually make an effort to improve your skills and knowledge.

Common activities and events held by yoga communities focus on information drive wherein expert speakers are invited over to share their knowledge. There are also more diversified activities such as special yoga classes, workshops, concerts, and fund raising events to support a given cause. In addition, you can take this opportunity to meet new people and develop a strong relationship among fellow community members as you work together in helping these events succeed.

Creating Your Own Community of Yogis

As noted above, you can also create your own yoga community if you realize that there is no existing community within your local area. It is undeniably a difficult task but with the right cause in mind, people will easily appreciate your advocacy and eventually join in. If you are a yoga instructor or expert, the responsibility that you play in here is no different from holding a yoga class. The ability of the yoga community to attain its goals lies in your shoulders. Therefore, your most important priority at the start is to get new members to sign up. Once you have your members, it should be easier to allocate work responsibilities and get more ideas on how you can make it more appealing for others to be encouraged to join as well.

After you have signed up members to your community, emphasize the need to get to know each other. You need to understand that each of these individuals have different goals for joining and your ability to discover that will consequently inform you on how you can address their needs. You can even take the community's activities outside the classroom since it is much easier to build strong ties amongst one another that way.

Development and Growth of Yoga Community

Whether you created the yoga community or a member who just joined in to an existing yoga community, you still play a vital role in helping it develop and grow. Here are some of the small but meaningful contributions you can make:

  • Actively participate in all activities started and organized by the yoga community. This will help establish familiarity amongst one another and promote good camaraderie.
  • Avoid limiting your activities within the classroom or meeting area. Try to explore new things together, whether it be physical activities, acquiring new yoga knowledge, or realizing a good cause.
  • Learn to become sensitive to each others' needs to find ways on how you can improve and make this community a more rewarding experience for everyone.

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