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Building Self Esteem

Updated on October 23, 2012

Self esteem is essential in our lives. Is every situation in your life worsened by things that pull you down? Are you eager to learn to be more calm and collected even in a tough situation? Then you need to do a little self improvement. When developing good self esteem, the following dart pins should be avoided:

1.) Working in a Negative Atmosphere

In a negative atmosphere, everyone is looking out for themselves only. This situation leads your good work not be noticed always. You may put in extreme efforts to get things done, but nobody recognizes it.

You are way overworked and extremely under-appreciated. You have to avoid a situation like this because it brings down your self esteem and wears you out. You need healthy competition, not destructive competition.

2.) Destructive and Negative People

People who kiss up to others, gossip relentlessly, whine or stab you in back and those with general negative outlooks are the people who bring you down. Their negative and destructive moods and behavior will infect you thus making your self esteem to waver.

3.) Changes

Change is something you can't avoid. You have to learn to adapt to it. You can't stick around some place hoping for change, though. Sometimes moving on is the best change. You have to know how to face changes and make the right moves to overcome challenges.

4.) The Past

It is hard to get away from the past, but don't let your past control you. You may learn from it and take something away from it, but don't let it cloud your life. Move past it and let your past serve as lessons.

5.) A Negative World

The world is full of negativity, but that doesn't mean you have to be. Don't let all the bad in the world drag you down. Don't spend your time worrying about all that is wrong in the world. You have to learn how to do your best despite the negative things.

6.) Your Own Identity

The way you behave and the outlook you have on your life is often shaped through genetics, upbringing and your environment. Do not let the negative things in your family or environment manifest in you. Just because you live in a bad neighborhood doesn't mean you have to join in with the drugs and gangs.

Just because your father was a criminal, disorganized and brutal doesn't mean you have to be one also. Define yourself on your own separate from the identity you feel is being imposed upon you. Take the chance to learn from the mistakes of those around you and don't make them yourself.

It may seem as if some people are simply born with a positive attitude and are born to be leaders. That is not true. Positivity is a matter of choice and these people just so happened to make the right choice. If you want to be like them, then you have to work on your self esteem. You have to make the choice to improve yourself. It is something that you are in complete control of. You won't be told that you should do it.

It can be very hard to stay positive and to improve yourself when you're surrounded by people, events and environments that drag you down. You have to make the right choices and be prepared to face such obstacles. You have many options in life and it is up to you to make the right ones. You have to be ready to change yourself. You need to have the right attitude, the right behavior and the right mind set to get it done.

When you build your self esteem, you’re improving yourself. You'll start to realize your responsibilities and you’ll start to see how much more in control you're. You develop your own goals, desires and values. You'll help to shape yourself into the person you want to be.

It all starts with being positive about life and about yourself. Be happy with who you're. Be thankful for what you have. Take time to spread that positivity to your friends and family members or even to others around you. If you live a positive life then you’ll not find it difficult to build your self esteem and work on self improvement.


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