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Burning unwanted fat tips

Updated on December 8, 2014

I encounter with many people trying so hard, while my regular working out sessions. Day after day, they build muscles, but no outcome for abs. I want to share with you may be the most shocking truth about fat burning. Burning fat is not that hard at all and, obviously, you do not need to spend hours in the gym. In fact, you might hurt yourself by spending so much time.

Before explaining essential things about fat burning, I want to explain why many people fail to do it, especially guys. Generally, everybody, who goes to gym, has a program or a part of its program that specifically target abs, and they assume to build abdominal muscles with this way. You can trust me, it is never going to be happen. The thing is you really do not need to work out for building abs, your muscles are already there but hiding behind that fat. Of course, abs exercises would help you to burn some fat and to look more ripped. However, not like you expected.


Drinking Water

Yes, drinking water is the most vital thing you need to do in order to burn some fat, and I cannot stress enough how important it is

Why water?

I really do not want explain you the whole human body systems and why we need to drink water, but, in short, there are two main reasons that you really need to know why you should drink more water for the sake of burn fat.

The first reason, you need 1 calorie to heat up 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius. Probably, you are asking that why I am telling you this, so let's make some assumptions and see how many calories you are going to burn with just drinking water.

Room temperature: 23 degree Celsius

Human body temperature: 38 degree Celsius

1000 gram distilled water is 1 Liter

So, If you drink 3 liter of water (You should drink at least 3 liter), you use (38-23)*3000=45000 calorie, isn't it huge?

The other important reason, especially if you are not drinking water, your body continues to store fat even if you are trying so hard. Because, your body thinks that you are in drought and store as much fat as it can to get water (which you don't drink) by the chemical breakdown of fat when it needed. You are in an eternal circle till you start drinking water, so to shape your body you need water.

This chemical reaction helps many animals like polar bears (to conserve body temperature and to yield water), birds (when migrating), camels (their humps are reservoir of fat, and that minimize heat-trapping and yield water) to survive in harsh conditions. Your body also wants to live, but the decision of your body shape is totally depends on you.

Maybe some of you really do not like the taste of water and I was the one of that kind. Just hold your nose or breath or whatever you like at the first and try to get used to it. If you really want a recommendation for a drink instead of water, add some lemon juice into your water that's it.

Important tips

* Chew what you are eating: Digestive system is started on mouth. If you are not chewing enough, it would be quite difficult for your body to digest. The other problem is that you will not feel full, then you will start to eat more. Because, chewing is the only way to tire your jaws. You also need to make your stomach smaller. The best way to do so is dividing your meal into several portions instead of eating all of them at once.

* Ease your diet rules: we are all human as like we, also, are animals :) So, if you are putting strict rules to your body, of course it will be going to stress out. Just do not push yourself so hard and ease it when you really like to eat something. Eat that piece of chocolate or candy or whatever you like, but do not eat the whole packet though :)

* Never give up on your work-out: Work out is crucial element of this diet, and if you fail to do it, you also do not wait for any results.


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