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Buttocks bigger tips - The one food that can make your butt bigger and sexier

Updated on December 7, 2011

Buttocks bigger tips

Trying to make your buttocks bigger?

Well did you know that one of the easiest ways to get a bigger butt is by simply eating the right foods.

Yes proper nutrition and exercise is very vital to getting the sexy body you want and this is very true when it comes to getting a bigger butt.

Now i know if i was to ask you if you've ever heard the saying,“You are what you eat?” Im pretty sure you would say yes but this is particularly true when it comes to eating for a great butt and health and fitness.

But before i get into that let me first tell you how you CAN'T make your butt bigger:

1. Exercise - You cannot get a bigger butt from JUST exercising! Yes exercising does help make you butt bigger and or firmer, BUT you must know how to exercise your butt muscles, and you MUST follow the exercises for buttocks up with proper nutriton.

2. Oils - Im sorry to tell you or burst your bubble but so called booty plumbing oils will NOT make your buttocks bigger or sexier. In fact all it will do it frustrate you and drain your walet or purse.

3. Doing nothing - I know it might be obsivious but you can't get a bigger buttocks by doing nothing! In fact women and men who have jobs that sit on their butts all day usually have smaller butts and for some reason these same people never deside to workout or do something to achieve their goals.

Foods to make your buttocks bigger

So now you know how you can't make you butt bigger. Let talk about foods that can make your butt bigger and sexier.

Exercise and nutrition is the secret weapons in building, repairing or preserving a firm, toned and sexy buttocks.

It doesn’t make any difference how young or how old you are, the standard of the foods you eat have an immediate effect on how you look, feel and function.

Correct exercise gives you the proper stimulus in the areas you would like to improve, and the proper foods provide you with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need to make it possible for one’s body to look and function at it’s highest level.

Ok so here you go, one of the best ‘unknown’ foods to add meat to your buttocks for a bigger butt is ground flax seeds. They will deliver a great balance of protein, fiber and fatty acids. They additionally work wonders in appetite control and blood sugar stabilization.

Flax seeds are so popular and readily obtainable now you can even find them at your local grocery store. If not you can purchase them at a number of nutrition sites on the web. Once you have your flax seeds there's no end to the number of ways you can add them to your every day meals for adding meat to your butt thus making your buttocks bigger.


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    • profile image

      Krystal 5 years ago

      Eat one Jumbo Honey Bun a day. I'm very slim & I found that sweet starchy good like honey buns & doughnuts went strait to my butt.

    • profile image

      SAM 5 years ago

      buttucks are all muscle and only muscles can grown or reduce their side ( unless u got fat over the muscle ). So in order to get ur butt bigger or smaller, you must workout those muscles. As a beginner you wll see results quickly. For beginners start with Leg Pres as its the most safe workout, doing squats as a beginner , there are chances that you might hurt ur knees, back and spine. So start with leg press and slowly after a cpl of months start squats

    • profile image

      monica 5 years ago

      I think this is all some bull I think once you have a lil butt u will always have a lil but so dnt waste you tim