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Hygiene Product Review: Clean Hand Caddy

Updated on February 28, 2015

The Caddy Product Review: Can Sanitation Stations Help Increase Infection Control Compliance Rates?

The "Classroom Caddy" and "Clean Hands Caddy" are hygiene sanitation stations that provide students and staff members with a convenient location for hand hygiene. Rather than arranging a wordy review, our expert has provided a list of the positive and negative aspects of the Caddy system. If you have questions about this review or would like a product reviewed (i.e. your organization is considering a number of different vendors, you ARE a vendor and would like a review, you would like to conceptually test a product/service, etc.) please contact us.

Product Name: "Classroom Caddy" or "Clean Hands Caddy"

Company: Armor Healthcare


Product Links:

The Classroom Caddy for Hygiene and Infection Control in Schools

The Clean Hands Caddy for Hygiene and Infection Control in Healthcare Settings

Grade: 8.5/10

Recommendation: BUY

Clean Hand Caddy Review

Grade: 8.5/10

Recommendation: BUY

Classroom Clean Hand Caddy OUTFOX PRevention
Classroom Clean Hand Caddy OUTFOX PRevention

Positive Points of the Clean Hand Caddy


· (+) Seems to be an intuitive response to classroom/healthcare hygiene issues (i.e. proximity, recognition)

· (+) Helps align the school the school/medical organization along one hygiene system

o (+) Familiar to staff and students (since same look and feel in each room/class)

o (+) Less reliance on teachers to buy their own supplies (refills onsite too)

· (+) A consistent look and feel to hygiene stations (especially in schools) creates a constant reminder of good hygiene principles

· (+) Clean and simple design

o (+) Convenient indicator windows to check for refill

· (+) Addition of a first aid kit (hygiene supplies, etc.) is convenient

o (-) The lack of signage for the first aid kit needs to be remedied

o (+/-) Suggested to create a sign for the first aid (make the signs consistent)

· (+) The Caddy can become a symbol for washing and sanitizing

o (+) It can also become a known area to store first aid kit supplies as well

· (+) The design, to hang on the wall, keeps the Caddy out of walkways and off desk/countertops

o (+) Doesn't require a stand

Negative Points of the Clean Hand Caddy


· (-/+) Only real option for the Caddy is to hang it

o (-) What if there is not a convenient area to hang it?

o (-) What if the wall cannot support the weight of the Caddy?

· (-) The design is a little bulky and heavy

o (-) Is the internal storage of multiple containers necessary?

§ It would be less bulky if storage reduced but it would require more frequent refills

· (-) The name “Infection Control Station” likely isn’t the best term to be used in classrooms (teachers and students may not be familiar with infection control)

o Possible replacement names may include more teacher/student friendly terms: Hygiene, Cleaning Station, Hand Washing Station, Sanitation Station, etc.?

o Consider making your own signs and reminders on the Caddy

· (-) The Caddy is an expensive per unit system (especially if any price burden is to be shared with the teacher)

o However, it will lessen as it becomes a permanent fixture in classrooms/healthcare room

· (-) At this point, the Caddy is relatively new and doesn’t have the track record of other proven systems

o Credibility will build as the system matures in the industry(s)

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      Treasures By Brenda 5 years ago from Canada

      Thanks for the introduction to this caddy.