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Can Babies Use Aromatherapy?

Updated on December 23, 2015

Introducing Babies to Aromatherapy

When planning to introduce aromatherapy to babies, it is important to bear in mind that babies are not like adults whereby a general dose or regimen is used. In pediatrics, every medication used for babies are based on the age and weight of the child. So when considering aromatherapy for your baby, or your child, the specific dosage for that child should be known. This stresses the need to consult an expert first.  You wouldn’t want to expose your child to harm. So the answer is yes, you can use aromatherapy in babies but care must be observed not to put the baby to danger.

The advantage of aromatherapy for babies is that you can treat their challenges without making them uncomfortable. However, this still should be in certain cases where the child is not showing signs of severe illness.

Baby Massage Techniques

Baby Massage

Ways You Can Use Aromatherapy for Your Baby

There are a variety of ways you can use aromatherapy for your baby.  Below, some of the methods and quantity to use are discussed. Please note that very small babies (neonates) should not be exposed to any of this.

The use of vaporizer or diffuser is an effective method of aromatherapy for babies. Put a few drops of the essential oils in this device.  This will then spread into the air where the baby is kept. Oils that are useful in this way include chamomile, lavender, orange, vanilla, and geranium.

Lavender essential oil- 2 drops of this on a tissue should be keep near the baby’s bedside while sleeping. The aroma helps to put the baby to sleep.

Take about ten drops of an appropriate essential oil and put it in a bottle of distilled water. With this, dilute the essential oil appropriately, and then spray around your baby's nursery.

The baby could also be massaged with these essential aromatherapy oils after they have been mixed with carrier oils like the avocado oil or almond oil. Some of these massage oils include chamomile, mandarin, and tangerine. The reason is that, they are mild and will hardly cause irritation and other forms of allergic reactions.

Another effective way of using these oils for babies is adding 2 to 3 drops of essential oils to the baby's bath water.  Lavender is the one oil soothing enough for this purpose, this helps the baby to relax and sleep well.

When a baby is having the teething pain, a drop of Chamomile oil added to a clean piece of cloth wrapped around an ice cube can help reduce the pain when applied.

A few drops of Citrus oil, Lemon, Bergamot or Mandarin oil can be used as a natural cleaning agent for washing children's rooms and school bags and even their clothes. So adding these oils to the water is beneficial.

Crying may be dealt with by using a drop of lavender oil on your shoulder and then rocking the baby to sleep.

Roman Chamomile has calming effect on the babies and can help put them to sleep. A drop of Roman Chamomile on the pillow of the baby at bedtime is enough to assure the baby a good night sleep.

The use of one drop of Eucalyptus Smithi on the corner of the baby’s pillow should help the baby breath well by decongestion of the nose.

Colds and coughs in babies are also well treated with three drops of Eucalyptus Smithi oil added to a bowl of boiling water and place it under the child’s bed. The steam inhalation alone has immense benefits, and the addition of an essential oil gives added advantage.

If a baby gets bitten by an insect, Tea Tree Oil is the essential oil of choice. It dries up and decreases the swelling, eliminates the pains and itching as well.

Dosages of Essential Oils for Aromatherapy in Babies

The advice is that, one third of the adult dose should be used for children. Because of the delicate nature of the baby’s skin, the amount of essential oil recommended should be used in 16 oz of water before adding to the child’s bath water. Always make sure to dilute the oils in carrier oils as mentioned before.

Precautions for Use of Essential oils in Babies

Certain safety measures must be observed in the use of aromatherapy in babies or children generally.

- A professional’s advice should be sort at all times before making use of aromatherapy for your baby.

-Eucalyptus Smithi is the only Eucalyptus essential oil appropriate for use in children. Do not use Eucalyptus on babies younger than 2 months. You want to make sure that you use aromatherapy safely so this information is necessary for safety.

- Make sure that you only use aromatherapy on babies that are more than 3 months old. The chances of allergy in babies below 3 months are very high and they are easily irritated by allergens.

- Apart from adding essential oils to carrier oils before use, the oils should be diluted with distilled water even before adding to the carrier. The undiluted oil should not be allowed to get near the baby’s skin.

- Stay limited to the most soothing oils like Lavender oil. Also, find out if there are any effects that could occur before you use any oil and how to prevent these side effects. Read the instructions slip that comes with the oil. If you notice that your baby cries a lot, has runny eyes, or begins to sneeze, you should stop using the new essential oil right away and seek medical attention.


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  • countrywomen profile image


    9 years ago from Washington, USA

    Theresa- Those were some great tips. Yes I too agree baby skin is much too delicate and we have to seek medical opinion before considering aromatherapy for them. But still as you mentioned it can be used. Great hub and I always enjoy aromatherapy. I use lavender spray on my pillow to give me a good sleep.


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