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Can I lose weight with yoga? What if I am really fat?

Updated on November 18, 2011

Plus Size Yoga

Are you fat and trying to lose weight? Maybe you just want to feel better? Yoga for fat people is a great solution.
Are you fat and trying to lose weight? Maybe you just want to feel better? Yoga for fat people is a great solution.

Yoga for fat people

Every video and book jacket I see of Yoga instruction shows a thin, flexible person bending with fluid precision.

But what about yoga for fat people? Is that even possible?

One of the problems with being a plus sized person are the extra layers of fat that make movement difficult.

If you are not overweight, here is something you can do to get an idea of what fat people experience.

Put on three pairs of sweat pants and if you can, find a large pair of jeans to wear over the sweats. Now add three sweaters and over those, put on a coat that zips up. You now have some idea what it feels like to move when you are overweight.

Weight loss for fat people starts with movement

Any bending type of movement is extremely hard when you are fat because all the extra layers (just like extra layers of clothes) restrict bending. The fat layers pinch, bind, and cut off breathing.

Yoga is all about movement and bending. Can fat people do yoga? This was my question when I went in search of an answer. Here is what I found to help me, and maybe you too!

Yoga for weight loss for women and men is a good way to bring health and vitality back to our plus size bodies, allowing us to not only slim down, it also helps us feel so much better.

Here are some of the DVDs I found on Amazon that are the ideal workout weight loss using yoga. I like these because you can follow along. It is much cheaper than joining a yoga class (if you are like me and on a budget).

yoga for plus size

Yoga: Just My Size With Megan Garcia
Yoga: Just My Size With Megan Garcia

Yoga: Just My Size With Megan Garcia. A real plus-size yoga workout!


How to do yoga for weight loss

Any of you who are overweight know how hard it is to lose even five pounds and keep it off. As I have aged, my weight loss challenge has focused less on pounds and more on health, even though the two are so intertwined, it is hard to talk about one without mentioning the other.

I realized how bad I feel being fat. I am not talking about body image, I am talking about how I felt physically.

Yoga for weight loss sounds like a great goal. But yoga for better health sounds even better. Can I lose weight with yoga and feel really good too?

The experts say that yoga weight loss is a real possibility. But better than that is how vibrant your body begins to feel! That my friends is so much better than simply wanting to be skinny. I know a lot of unhealthy skinny people!

One main issue with being overweight is the way our bodies metabolize foods. The reason I know this is through my own medical history. Our thyroids can play a major role in how our bodies use fuel. There are yoga moves to improve thyroid function. Try just the one exercise of breathing like you are snoring as they demonstrate in this video.

When I first did this, my feet actually tingled from the surge of oxygen! It felt really good! Watch how they do it and try it now--

Yoga moves to help energize your thyroid

Good Start to Better Health!

Now that you know you can do yoga even if your fat, get started and feel better! If I discover more DVDs, books, or other yoga products, I will continue to add them here. If you have discovered something that is really helpful in your weight loss pursuit, please share them in the comments.

One final exercise I found by a doctor focuses on your neck. Try these simple neck exercises twice a day and see if they start to make you feel better.

Neck Exercises


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