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Top 10 Foods That cause it, Be Careful.

Updated on April 25, 2015

Cancer & Top 10 Foods That cause it, Be Careful.

What is Cancer?

Everyone's body has a billion of cells that make a renewal process continuously as the old dead cells renewed with a new one and it a normal process in human body and that what makes a God created this thing to make the human body always with new cells and has no old cells, there are a specific genes which control this process and make it happens correctly.

Cancer is considered a group of aggressive diseases that it mission to attack and destroy these genes that is responsible for renewing cells process and what makes it very dangerous when human body carry a damaged, old or dead cells and it also causes tumors.

What are the types of tumors?

1-Benign Tumor: it has no aggressive attacks on cell and it could be treated with a surgical intervention and no need for medicines and it moves in body slowly and in rarely cases it caused death.
2- Malignant Tumor: it's the dangerous one as it grow so fast and usually cause death as it move in the other cells also.

What are symptoms that Cancer makes?

1-It causes losing weight significantly, and losing appetite.
2- Inflammations in body.
3-Nose bleeds.
4-Face looks Pallor.
5-Whole fatigue in body with no or small effort.
6-Very painful headache.

This is some of Cancer symptoms and there are many symptoms but the common is the above whenever you feel it you have to see a doctor.

Some Places in body that may Cancer attack:

1- Allimvuma.
2- Skin Cancer.
3- Leukemia.
4- Kidney Cancer.
5- Colon cancer.
6- Prostate gland cancer.

What are the top 10 foods may cause Cancer?

1-Soda drinks specially diet drinks.
2- Farmed Salmon which comes and grow up with abnormal way by adding chemicals to its food in order to make grow so fast.
3-Non-organic apples, bananas and any other fruits that, grow bigger than its normal size.
4-Cooking Popcorn through Microwave because the Microwave sends waves to the foods in order to cook it and that effect badly on foods inside it.
5-Sausage, and hot dogs, considered processed meats as many chemical things have been added to it in order to make it tasty.
6-Canned vegetables and Fruits, because it is not all from normal vegetable or fruits and also contain acids that cause Cancer.
7-Foods with flavors like potato chips and these is an abnormal flavor added to chips and it also increases fats and calories.
8- Diet foods as it full of acids and it harm the human body with adding these chemical things to it.
9-Alcohol Drinks we all know about the alcohol and its effects and how much it harm to body's cell as it eats it when you drink it daily.
10-Eating fruits without washing it well when you get fruits you have to wash it very well before eating because it covers with chemical thing so you have to wash it very well.

Most of all we have to be very careful towards this disease and see the doctor from the first time you feel any abnormal or strange symptoms in your body.


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