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The Candida Spit Test

Updated on May 4, 2014
The Candida Spit Test
The Candida Spit Test

Candida? - What's that then?

Candida lives in the body and it is intended to sit in the background; helping out here, helping out there. It knows its place.

Candida will help out around the body but it will not call the body its "house" - the scary thing is candida is only meant to go to work fully - taking over the "house" - only when we are dead. So if it starts happening before, we have a bit of a problem - imagine someone moving into your house, tearing down wallpaper, dragging furniture out while you are still there..

I will stop now as it starting to sound a little like Bettlejuice!

Candida, or rather, a candida overgrowth, is meant to take over the body after we have vacated "the premises" and the candida then takes hold and.. aids decomposition.

Candida Overgrowth?

Doing the candida/yeast overgrowth spit test can really help you put your finger on what exactly is your problem and it can also rule out a candida or yeast problem. This of course will save you a lot of money, time, and dietary restrictions.. I bet the last one was the one that caught your attention the most!

Now, by no means is this test a 100% fool-proof guide that will give you conclusive proof as to whether or not you have a candida overgrowth. However, it will give you certain pointers that will help you join the dots - when correlated with other things or/and test - to see whether or not you do in fact have a candida overgrowth.

Spit Test Instructions

For the best results, you must follow the following, to the letter:

  • 1) Fill a see-through glass with water and leave to stand overnight, ready for the morning - You can use bottled or tap, bottled is best.

[ - If you forget to fill the glass up, it is okay to fill it up in the morning. The idea of doing it the night before is so that you do not wake up and swallow or anything else. We need what is there in the morning! - ]

  • 2) First thing in the morning, before you do anything else, collect what you have in your mouth and spit it into the glass.

[ - We do not want any phlegm, just spit. Use your mouth and your suction power to get all you can from around your mouth. However, we do not want too much new saliva so do not do it for too long - ]

  • 3) Put the glass down and wait 5-10 minutes to see what the glass well tell us..

After watching the glass - which is not necessary, the candida will not run away - for about 10 minutes, you might start to see it forming shapes...

What do they mean? No need to get a witch doctor or tea leaf reader.. The signs are below the video

Candida Spit Test: The Signs

If you come back and check the glass every so often - 10 minutes would be best - as you do not want to stare at the glass as if you are waiting for a magic eye to appear.

These are the things you are looking for:

- Blobs at the top with long tendril-like extensions (they are not REALLY tendrils, that is just a description)

- A collection or mass that is isolated and is sitting on the bottom of the glass (jellyfish-like)

- Suspended in the center of the glass a floating mass with specks in.

When I did this test - and I have done it a few times over a long period - I had all three things showing up very clearly and I had candida. It is always wise to visit a health care professional rather than self diagnosing.

So my advice is if you are showing signs of candida overgrowth - the three things are seen/found in your glass of water - take a trip to an independent and reputable health food store and ask for advice on which foods to avoid and which foods to eat. The chain health food stores I find give bad advice and low grade products and you will waste your time and your money.. and even your health.

I will soon be providing a list of which foods will help candida overgrowth sufferers and which ones will hidden. Taking a look at that list and avoiding the foods on the list will give you further evidence.

Of course, if you live in a country where doctors can and will test for a candida overgrowth, that should also be on your list of places to visit, naturally.

Did you have a blob at the top and then "tendrils" hanging down into your glass?

See results

Did you have a murky looking sludge collecting at the bottom of the glass?

See results

Did you have a cloud like area in the center of the glass, maybe with specks in?

See results


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    • Diana Grant profile image

      Diana Grant 3 years ago from London

      Thanks for expanding on the original information

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Many thanks, prrster, it is good to know people have a good laugh as well as getting some information.

    • parrster profile image

      Richard Parr 3 years ago from Oz

      Enjoyed the read. You have a great humour that pervades the background of your writing. Combined with such useful information it brought to life the subject. Voted up and interesting, useful and funny

    • Tyler Bracken profile image

      Tyler Bracken 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      If you do have all of these things I would tally the results up against other symptoms - I am currently working on a hub of those - and seek the advice of a health care professional or visit a reputable independent health shop and seek advice. There are quite a few things you can do to beat the candida overgrowth back and nearly all of them would improve your health whether you had it or not.

      I personally used something from my local independent health food shop after having a little chat with the woman who worked up there. The woman ran the place and therefore knew a lot which is not always the case with the chain health food shops - H&B etc

      So what I would advise is trying to take certain things out of your diet and use something that your health food shop recommends. I used: CandiGONE.

    • Diana Grant profile image

      Diana Grant 3 years ago from London

      I don't quite understand - what if you DO have blobs, tendrils, sludge and or clouds? Which of these is lethal, and how many of these symptoms do you have to have before you have self diagnosed candida and then have to go to the doctor because you're not supposed to diagnose it yourself?