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Caring for Buttock Pressure Sores

Updated on May 28, 2013

How to manage and care for buttock pressure sores

Many people suffer from pressure sores on their buttocks or sitting area. These sores are very painful and can become serious problems if left untreated. Here are a few tips on how to avoid pressure sores and relieve the pain.

How do you get pressure sores?

And what can you do when you get them?

Pressure sores (often known as bed sores) are very painful skin or tissue sores that are created when constant pressure is applied to a part of the body which then constricts the flow of blood supply to that area. Damage is first noticed by a redding or darkening of the skin. As the pressure sore progresses the skin will form blisters or even die, ultimately infecting skin, underlying tissue, bones and joints. Believe it , or not, it takes only two hours of sustained pressure to cause first level damage. Friction and moisture can also make it worse. Like an iceberg, what you see on the surface is the tip of the damage being done. The real damage lies beneath the skin.

Presure sores can be treated or prevented by relieving the pressure. Sounds obvious right? But sometimes that's easier said than done when someone needs to be in sitting position for long periods. Cleaning and applying appropriate dressings goes without saying. Professional medical care may be necessary if the sore does not respond. But what else can we do for those who need to be seated for long periods? How can we prevent sores from occurring in the first place? How can we help the sores heal and bring pain relief to those already suffering?

There is help! A new range of gel seat cushions has been developed specifically to help prevent and treat those with pressure sores in the lower back and buttock area. They are called Equagel and come in a variety of styles depending on the degree or pressure sore risk.

These products work differently than traditional seat cushioning materials. Firstly, they are made from an amazing space age co-polymer that feels very soft but is incredibly strong. Secondly, they operate under a different principle of physics than other cushions. The main problem with cushiions is that they "push back" and cause pressure points, sometimes after even short periods of sitting. It's these pressure points that create all the trouble. Equagel, on the other hand, operates under a principle called "column buckling". The gel is geometrically structured in columns. Each column is designed to support only a certain amount of weight. When that weight is exceeded the column "buckles" and transfers weight to the surrounding columns instantly. This means that weight is supported out and away and does not "push back". This creates an almost zero pressure point sitting experience.

For those at risk, the risk is greatly reduced. People can sit comfortbale, and safely, for longer. For those with pressure sores already, the "no push back" principle allows blood to flow back to the affected area thus relieving both the pain and aiding the healing process.

Miracle Cushion YouTube Channel - How column buckling gel works in pressure sore relief.

Watch the video and see how column buckling gel seat cushions work and how they relieve pressure.

Other resources on Pressure Sores

Here are some resources on Pressure Sores:

Google search "pressure sores".

Find these pressure relieving gel seat cushions here

You can buy these Equagel gel seat cusions from Amazon or

The GENERAL Gel Seat and Wheelchair Cushion (20W x 18D) by Miracle Cushion
The GENERAL Gel Seat and Wheelchair Cushion (20W x 18D) by Miracle Cushion

Full description can be found at The Equagel General Gel Seat Cushion is a great cushion for relieving pressure sores. It comes in different sizes to suit your needs.

The STRAIGHT COMFORT Gel Cushion (20W x 18D x 1.75) by Miracle Cushion
The STRAIGHT COMFORT Gel Cushion (20W x 18D x 1.75) by Miracle Cushion

Read full details at This is an excellent cushion ideal for people needing comfort, pressure relief and are at low to medium risk of developing pressure sores.


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      Maurice Moore 2 years ago

      my husband has had a butt sore got 5 years home health and myself has doctor it still there yes I need help! Nothing I have bought has worked