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Autism Causes

Updated on July 2, 2017
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Autism Causes

Autism Causes
Autism Causes | Source

What causes Autism?

What really causes autism? Is it positively vaccines like so many seem to think? From the research, vaccines do not cause autism but in fact, save millions of lives each year. So what is the cause?

Here is what it could be. There is something in most of our homes that may be the culprit that brings on the disorder in children who have autistic tendencies.

Check out the research here and see what you think.


New Views

To get a full understanding of this subject click on the links to the different articles. This page only gives the highlights and you are really missing out if you don't read the articles that back all this up.

Cornell University Economics Professor, Michael Waldman was dismayed when his 2-1/2-year old son was diagnosed with autism.

He jumped into the normal program that was given to these special children but did some thinking and research on his own.

He noticed that the problem started soon after the birth of his second child. Both he and his wife were so busy with their new daughter that they let the TV baby sit their son part of the time. Within 4 months he became autistic.

The first thing Michael did was to turn off the TV. At first, there was no difference but after a while, he noticed a change. Within 8 months their son didn't have autism anymore.

Michael didn't stop at that. He did research on his own and found an alarming trend in statistics showing that the rate of autism rose at the same time as TV viewing by young kids.

(Be sure to check out the links on this page to get a fuller understanding of this new research)

To read his complete story and research check out this ABC News article here:

Controversial New Theory Links Autism to TV from ABC News

What about the Amish kids?

This article shows that just 1 in 10,000 Amish get autism. Could it be because they don't watch TV? A Lot of the Amish kids are getting vaccines now and the rates of this disorder don't seem to be going up. To read more go here:

Olmsted on Autism: 1 in 10,000 Amish

Studies have shown that it is not healthy for young kids to watch TV. Check out this article from "The Guardian" here.

Ban under-threes from watching television, says study

Here is another article on a study showing a link between TV and autistic children:

Why would television harm young kids under three? According to Dr. Neil Nedley, the TV changes scenes constancy. You might see someone at the door and within a second switch over to the one inside the house with the scenes rapidly going back and forth from different angles.

This constant switching has a hypnotic effect on the brain and brings a person into the story. He doesn't say but can this be healthy for young developing brains?

It could be that the young developing mind that has the Autistic gene isn't able to handle that hypnotic effect of television and could withdraw and then cannot get out. This is my own theory and hasn't been backed up by any research. However based on the research out there I would keep the TV from young children until at least age 4 when their brains are more developed.

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