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The Causes And Remedies For Receding Hairline

Updated on June 7, 2014

While a receding hairline is not considered as a major health problem by many doctors, it still causes some embarrassment to men and women around the world. Apart from gaining weight, the only other indicator that a man is growing old is the loss of frontal weight. There are treatments that can be done at home to handle this condition while some can also be done from the hospital. This article will discuss remedies for receding hairline both the natural treatment options as well treatments done by medical specialists.

Causes of A Receding Hairline

Before discussing these cures, it would be important to check at the causes of a receding hairline.

  • The main reason for this condition is a generic condition which is called male pattern baldness. As the man continues to age, his body continues releasing a hormone called dihydrotestosterone which is written in short as DHT. The hormone causes the hair follicles to shrinking by building itself around them. This hence denies the follicles an ability to grow new hair and hence the existing hair begins to fall.
  • Another cause can be attributed to stress. However, this type of hair loss is usually temporary as compared to the one caused by the hormone DHT. When a man is under a lot of stress, his body responds by producing a number of enzymes and hormones which affect the whole body as well as the hair follicles. The hair under this causative agent can regrow after the stress has been dealt away with.
  • A number of medications as well as some infections and illnesses can also be linked as causes of this condition. A good example is the excessive prescription of vitamin A to an individual having gout and a number of depressants. Chemotherapy, which is a cancer treatment option, is also associated as a cause of hair loss to a number of individuals.

Receding Hairline Treatment

The following natural cures are very common although most of them have not been approved by the FDA.

  • The first treatment is the use of castor oil and lemon essential oil mixture. This mixture is to be applied on your scalp to limit the hair that is receding as well as help regrow hair. The mixture is created by taking eight teaspoonful of castor oil and mixing it in a bottle with one teaspoonful of lemon essential oil and then stirred to combine. Apply the mixture on your scalp for at least two minutes; leave it for more than ten minutes and then rinse with clean cold water.
  • Another natural option is the combination of coconut milk, fresh avocado and lime juice. This combination is purported to be able to stop frontal hair loss as well as initiate the growth of hair. This mixture is created by blending certain portions of the three ingredients. When ready, it can be applied on your scalp for more than twenty minutes and then wash with clean water as well as mild shampoo.
  • One natural tool that a man should try at home is a boar bristle hairbrush. It is a hairbrush that made of the bristles of a boar. The brush can help anyone care of his/her hair and also stimulate the scalp to regrow new hair. To use is, simply brush your scalp & hair so it removes dust from the head and massages the scalp.
  • There are some products that can prevent DHT from being created out of testosterone. Procerin is one of the best product to do this task. With Procerin, anyone can expect to see significant results in a few months.
  • There are also FDA approved medications to curb this condition. One example is the use of hair transplants. Hair transplants have over the years been a very cost effective and permanent solution to this problem. A new hair graft is implanted on the scalp and it has a survival rate of 99 percent. An advantage is that these transplants are not affected by DHT caused hair losses. These grafts can barely be recognized by the next person.
  • Flap surgery is another option although it is always taken as the last option. Surgery is mostly done to regions which are entirely bald where by a flap containing thousands of hairs is rotated to the bald area. This is an exercise that should be done by competent surgeons since it is a very complex exercise. The only disadvantage with flap surgery is that it will leave an unnatural scalp appearance.

There are also a number of medications which can be used to help curb frontal hair loss. Although being effective, these medications do not work perfectly for every individual. However, on an average scale, there is proven improved number of hair count on individuals using these medications.

There a number of remedies for receding hairline available but it is prudent for a patient to take some time before settling on one. He must ensure that the medication he selects will provide the best results and at a reasonable fee. Individuals should avoid buying just any drugs before consulting their doctors since such drugs may prove ineffective or even cause other complications.

Ensure to eat healthy foods and fruits to ensure that your body obtains all the relevant minerals and vitamins. Consider visiting beauticians who use chemicals which would not be harmful to your hair.


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