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Cayenne Pepper for Weight Loss and A Healthier You

Updated on January 4, 2011

Cayenne pepper is a red chili pepper that is often used as a powdered spice. Though many people solely include cayenne pepper for adding heat to their dishes and recipes, the majority of people out there are actually unaware of the broad range of medical and health benefits that come from this spectacular spice. For example cayenne pepper is used as a natural remedy for killing cancer cells in the prostate and lungs, increasing circulation, raising the metabolism, stopping heart attacks in as little as 30 seconds, lowering high blood pressure, and helping to decrease bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, just to name a few. With all the health benefits of cayenne pepper, it's a wonder why so many of us don't include enough of it in our diets.

Cayenne For Weight Loss and Increasing the Metabolism

One of the many reasons of why person may decide to add cayenne pepper to their meals on a regular basis is because cayenne pepper helps aid weight loss and maintaining a healthy metabolism. Now, you're probably wondering just how this works, but the explanation is really quite simple.

The reason being, cayenne chili's are high in a chemical called 'capsaicin.' Capsaicin, works by raising one's body temperature and heart rate, which in return makes the body burn more calories. The amount capsaicin content found in merely one teaspoon cayenne pepper cam increase the metabolism for up to 30 minutes after a meal. Reasonable intake of cayenne one a weekly basis can help out anyone looking for new alternatives and ways to loose some weight along with a healthy diet and exercise.

Also, if you would like a helpful list on other foods and herbs for you to have a healthier metabolism then check out my other blog right here about 5 Foods That Increase Your Metabolism.

Here's another hub link as well on health tips to losing weight incase you're interested,

Cayenne Pepper and Increased Blood Circulation

Many Americans have to face the problem of poor circulation on occasion or even quite frequently. Suffers of poor blood circulation may even be completely unaware that they have such a health issues. Poor blood circulation can not only lead to hair loss, varicose veins, and dry skin, but if serious enough more serious health problems such as heart attack and stroke can occur. If you're looking for a natural alternative to help increase your circulation and healthy blood flow throughout your entire body than cayenne pepper could really be a great option for you.

Other spices that may also result in increased blood flow include garlic, oregano, and ginger (incase you are looking into other natural ways to increase your blood circulation).

Including Cayenne In Your Diet

If you're wanting to add some extra oomph of spicy to some of your recipes or meals than giving cayenne a shot is always an easy way to do so.

There are plenty of foods out there that include cayenne pepper as an ingredient or you can even add cayenne pepper to recipes you've already been using. Cayenne pepper can often times be found in dishes ranging from Asian to Hispanic foods. It's pretty hard to find a style of cooking that doesn't ever include this hot chili pepper. If you're not very good at deciding when and how to use a specific spice or you're new to cayenne then there are plenty of recipes all over the web that include cayenne pepper as an ingredient.

Now, I understand that not everyone enjoys spicy foods, so incase you don't have a very high tolerance to anything spicy or haven't quite acquired the taste buds for it yet, than you can always start at really low amounts of cayenne pepper and work your way up on the spicy scale until you come to using a fairly reasonable amount of it. Anyways, if over have an overly spicy dish is what you're fretting, then cayenne pepper isn't something you should be too overly worried about since, it's somewhat mild compared to many of the other peppers and hot herbs out there.

Personally, I love adding cayenne pepper to foods when I'm cooking, and I include cayenne pepper to my foods at least 3 to 4 times a week. Some things I use cayenne pepper on more times than not include, fish and sea food, stir fry, salsa, and even to freezer foods like lean cuisine. Once you can get a feel of how much cayenne pepper you can and can't tolerate and how you like to include it in your meals and snacks then it's really quite easy to have as a part of your regular diet, and you may even come to love cayenne pepper. Well, I know I did anyways.


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      6 years ago

      How much should I add to help with weight loss? Tablespoon on each playe or snack? Or more?


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