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The Wonderful Health Benefits of Celibacy (Brahmacharya)

Updated on June 18, 2015

It is worth repeating that a true celibate possesses tremendous energy, a clear brain, strong self-discipline, bold understanding, retentive memory, and a powerful mind.

One of the students of Dhanvantari approached his teacher after finishing his full course of Ayurveda (the ancient Indian science of medicine) and asked: "O Bhagavan, kindly let me know the secret of health now."

Dhanvantari replied: "This seminal energy is verily the Atman. The secret of health lies in preservation of this vital force. He who wastes this vital and precious energy cannot have physical, mental, moral, and spiritual development."

What Is Celibacy (Brahmacharya?)

Brahmacharya is absolute freedom from sexual thoughts and desires. It is the vow of celibacy. It is control of all the senses in thought, word, and deed.

Brahmacharya is not mere bachelorhood. There should be strict abstinence not merely from sexual intercourse but also from auto-erotic manifestations, masturbation, homosexual acts, and all perverse sexual practices. It also means a permanent abstention from indulgence in erotic imagination and voluptuous reverie.

Don’t Waste the Vital Energy

The vital energy Veerya is a great treasure to you. It supports your life and is the Prana (life-force) of Pranas, which shines in your sparkling eyes and beams in your shining cheeks. It is the quintessence of blood.

From food, chyle is manufactured. Out of chyle comes blood. Out of blood comes flesh. Out of flesh comes fat. Out of fat comes marrow. Out of marrow comes semen. Semen is the last essence.

The Effect of Wasting Your Semen

Those who have lost much of their semen become easily irritated. They lose their balance of mind quickly. Little things upset them. Those who have not observed the vow of celibacy become slaves of anger, laziness, and fear. If you do not have your senses under control, you will do foolish things that even children dare not do.

Note carefully the evil after effects once the Veerya is lost. Prana becomes unsteady and agitated. The body and mind refuse to work energetically. You experience physical and mental lethargy as well as exhaustion and weakness.

You have to take recourse to milk, fruits, and other foods to make good the loss of energy. Remember, these articles can never repair the loss completely. Bad memory, premature old age, impotence, various sorts of eye diseases, and nervous diseases are attributable to the heavy loss of this vital fluid.

Celibacy Is the Most Important Way to Maintain Manliness

Pure air, pure water, wholesome food, physical exercise, and outdoor games like tennis all contribute to the maintenance of good health, strength, and a high standard of vigour and vitality.

There are, indeed, many ways to gain health and strength. But celibacy is the most important of all. It is the only one that keeps up true manliness.

The practice of celibacy carries no danger or risk of disease. There are no undesirable results such as the various sorts of 'complexes' that Western psychologists believe to exist. These pyschologists have no practical knowledge of the subject on hand. They have a wrong and ill-founded imagination that ungratified sex-energy assumes the forms of a 'complex' such as touch-phobia.

Instead, the complex is due to other causes. It is a morbid state of mind caused by excessive jealousy, hatred, anger, worry, and depression, all of which have their own sources.

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