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Cell Phone Devices For Healthier Life Styles__Mobil Health Frontier of Medical Innovation

Updated on January 18, 2013

Cell Phone Invention__ 3 Decades Later Today & Tomorrow

Cell phones was first invented in the 70's in the United States by an engineer named Marty Cooper associated with a well known technology business company, Motorola. Over the next several decades, cell phone use spread worldwide with leading manufacturers and distributors of cell phones passed to a few key international electronics companies.

Nokia, a European company, and Samsung, a Korean company, soon captured the majority share of with over 6 billion cell phones in use worldwide today. The population of humanity at this writing in the 2nd decade of 21st Century is about 7 billion. So, indeed cell phones have become the major means of communications worldwide for most people.

The evolution of cell phone at the current stage is called 4G platform, with the 5G likely to hit

The market in the next few years as quality and variety of "smart phone" applications become

available as are evolving including use for what is called mHealth (mobil Health) or sometimes eMed.


From Wisdom of Eric Topol, MD__Cardiologist Extraordinary

Eric Topol, MD, an extraordinary cardiologist have discussed "how the digital revolution will create better health care" in his new book titled "The Creative Destruction of Medicine" (Basic Books, 2012). This book is available at the Fairfax County VA Public Library now.

Topol discussed the issue of "Health Care Transformation" issues that is related to his vision of Health Care transformation driven by consumer choice in America and the emerging trends of personalized medicine via "genes to future medicine" as a driving force to this revolution.

Topol forsees in the next decade coming in America along with a overall review of what's now already available.

Particularly on the critical path are the eMed applications for consumer driven protocols that allows health parameter monitoring and chronic disease management.

"Evidence Based Medicine" __A Buzzword - Why "Evidence Based Meidicne" is Often Does Not Contain Justifiable Eviidence Of Large Scale Random Trial


Topol is big on evidence of medical value based on large scale double blind random clinical trial. His examples given on some of the most highly promoted satin drugs is distrubing in the least. Commerical ads that promotes prescription drugs are perfectly permissable in American culture today. Sure enough millions of dollars are spend on commercial television ads and elsewhere to promote many such Satin drugs for cardiovascular health where such double blind large scale clinical trials have not shown significant value to patients according to Topol.

He further adds that direct advertising ofen sells health pills and alternate medicine that have not proven by scientific clinical trials. Often no such trials have been conductied or if conducted, did not provide any value of such supplements. An example is benefits of Vitamin E as mentioned in this book.

Photo Album 01__Mobil Health Frontiers

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Healthier Life Styles - And Chronic Disease Management Support__Consumer Directed


Genes to Future Medicne - And Frontiers Of Mobil Health


Emergency Medicine__Help !


Healthier Life Styles - Cardio Vascular Health With Mobil Smart Phone Frontiers


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    • jonathanwm profile image

      jonathanwm 4 years ago

      Very interesting fact. Everyday, I use the cell phone, but really don't know about its history. Still remember that I bought my first cell phone in 1995. Thanks for creating this good len