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Updated on April 13, 2016

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by two things, 1) Fatty tissue and 2) Connective tissue. The appearance of cellulite is caused when the width of the fatty tissue exceeds the width of the connective tissue and when the connective tissue loses elasticity.

The first can be taken care of primarily by diet and working out. Drink your fair share of water, don't eat too much and work out to maintain your metabolism. The second is more problematic and gets worse as you age because collagen is not regenerated so the tissue becomes less elastic and of course most people gain weight as they age because of a less active life style and a drop in metabolism.

Some things that can cause cellulite:

Poor diet

  • Fad dieting
  • Slow metabolism
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Hormone changes
  • dehydration- drink a lot of water
  • Total body fat
  • Thickness and color of your skin

Cellulite tends to be less noticeable on darker skin. If you have light skin and plan to be out in a bathing suit or short shorts, applying a self-tanner may make the bumps and dimples on your thighs less noticeable.

And once again make sure you are drinking lots of water even if you have to flavor it with something, just make sure what you use is good for you!

Caffeine scrubs for cellulite

Most cellulite scrub ingredients consist solely of caffeine. Caffeine works to reduce the appearance of cellulite by tightening blood vessels, creating tighter skin. Temporarily, this creates the illusion that your skin is smooth and healthy. If that's all they offer, it is not enough, and you will need to use these scrubs consistently to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Some other things you should look for in your scrub are:

Dead Sea Salt, which provides a gentle exfoliation that keeps your pores clean, controls breakouts, and leaves your skin looking radiant.

Coconut, Olive, Grape Seed, and Sweet Almond. Your skin will be soft to the touch and properly nourished. And don't worry, these oils won't clog your pores or leave your skin with a greasy residue!

Shea and Cocoa Butter protect the skin while promoting cell repair for a youthful, rejuvenated glow!

and of course Coffee and Coffee Arabica Seed Oil to naturally stimulate blood flow.

with these ingredients you will get a great scrub, which helps clean the skin and enhances circulation which in turn helps to fight the look of cellulite. It can also help with blemishes. I have found a couple of great scrubs that I like:

Arabica Coffee Scrub from Pure Body Naturals

100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub

another thing to have and use is a good scrub brush as well to help stimulate your skin and help flush out the bad stuff

Favorite Scrubs

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Do Creams work for Cellulite?

The age old question, what really works for cellulite? There are a lot of theory's out there and many people will say nothing really works, but I believe that we can help diminish the look of cellulite if you follow some simple tips:

The Weight-Loss Factor:

weight loss may help with the look of cellulite, but that all depends on the elasticity of your skin, age and hormones could play a part in that.

Creams and Lotions:

The easiest short-term way to improve the appearance of cellulite is with a lotion or a cream, Some of the best are those that contain caffeine, which has a temporary tightening effect and help bumps look smoother, and those with a vitamin A derivative, which over time can thicken the outer layer of the skin and make lumps less visible. It s important to look for creams that have these ingredients and others, like Vitamin c.

Professional treatments:

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting solution, there are a few options. Endermologie, which is available at many spas, involves kneading the skin with a rolling suction device to boost circulation and stimulate collagen production. These treatments will set you back $50- $150 dollars and you would need at least 6 sessions

The gold standards are lasers and radio-frequency (RF) devices, both of which use massage and suction to stimulate collagen production and alter the septae so they don’t pull as hard on the skin, causing dimples. These relatively painless treatments also add heat energy to help shrink fat cells (your liver then processes the fat). “Lasers and RF work equally well, problem is you will need at east 8 sessions and they are not cheap $300.- $500. a treatment and you will need 4-8 of these with maintenance treatments each year.

I'm sure there will be other options coming down the road , so I guess the questions is what's it worth to you? I find the caffeine scrubs and some good creams do seem to help with mine, maybe not as much as above treatments but good enough for me!

Cream Examples

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Other skin care tips

Making Skin Care Work For You Now Good skin care is essential, because skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it can be easily damaged. The commercial skin care market it worth millions of dollars and many people are confused by all the products and advice that are available. It's great to shade yourself from the sun using an umbrella or hat, but if you're walking on light colored or reflective surfaces like sand or snow, you'll need to protect yourself from the bottom up! The same damaging rays that hit you from the sky can bounce back up and thwart your security system, so keep that in mind. After you go to the gym, remember to take a shower to eliminate sweat. Simply washing your face with a towel will not get rid of all of the bacteria from your skin, which can clog your pores and cause irritation. Additionally, make sure to use warm water in the shower.

In order to achieve and maintain glowing, young looking skin you must take care of it! The best way to take care of your skin is to use SPF moisturizers which block the sun's harmful rays. By preventing your skin from getting damaged in the first place, you will help maintain a youthful appearance even as you chronologically age. Protect your skin with a sun blocking moisturizer. This is important even on cloudy days. The harmful rays of the sun still come through the clouds and you may even get a worse sunburn on an overcast day than a sunny one. Be sure to wash all the sun-blocking moisturizer off at night and go to bed with clean skin treated with toner and a light, night-time moisturizer.

Apple Cider Vinegar is wonderful for the skin. It can help your skin maintain its pH balance and can also be used to keep bacteria away. You can turn it into a toner by mixing 1/2 water and 1/2 apple cider vinegar. Just rub it on once each day after you wash your face. To protect yourself from the sun, you should use sun screen. However, applying sun screen can actually be tricky. If you do not do it properly, you will clog your pores. Use a soft sponge to gently apply the sun screen, and allow it to penetrate your skin instead of staying at the surface. In order to keep your skin looking as healthy as possible you need to wear sunscreen every day. Many people do not realize that the sun affects their skin when it is overcast or there is not a cloud in the sky. Sun block can be applied under makeup and there are now even some makeups that have sun block added to them.

Good skin care is essential. By incorporating some of the advice and tips presented here into your skin care routine, you could improve the health and appearance of your skin and save a lot of money and time.

quick recap

The most important thing to help with your fight on cellulite is diet, exercise and hydration. creams, lotions and treatments may help but we must maintain all that by taking care of ourselves!


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