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Cervical Traction Device - A Story From Neck Pain Sufferer

Updated on February 20, 2015

Cervical Traction, The Ultimate Solution For Your Neck Pain?

Neck pain without any argument is surely painful though it is not a disease or a result of any other disease. Neck pain is simply a body condition which develops due to a number of reasons.

Due to the rising rate of people experiencing neck pain, several health care programs are being introduced to deal with the problem.

Neck Pain Already Affected Millions of People around US and Canada - Stop Neck Pain Before It's Too Late - Avoid neck surgery

neck traction device
neck traction device

The number can be even shocking If you count the rest of the world. Neck pain is one of the most wide spread light medical conditions, which can be serious if you don't prevent it.

Neck pain can be caused by improper sleeping positions or incorrect positions when sitting at the desk, or any other causes that lead to the straining of neck muscles.

woman using neck stretcher
woman using neck stretcher

How Cervical Traction Device Help Neck Problems

Neck pain is usually derived from uncomfortable positions at work, or during the night. The vast majority of neck pain cases can be treated without any sort of surgical intervention. One of the safest way is to use neck traction device at home.

Unlike most traditional neck pain relief products, a cervical traction device offers the opportunity to treat neck related problems even at the office. Treatment of cervical pain should be started as early as possible.

You can get this device here

vote about neck pain
vote about neck pain

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Watch How To Use ChiSoft Neck Traction - Amazing Fast Neck Pain Relief

In Most Cases Neck Pain Doesn't Need Surgical Interventions

But If You Wait Longer It Can Get Worse.

In some cases surgery might not even help and imagine all these side effects.

Neck pain be reduce with the use of a cervical traction device, as it is designed to provide a slow and gentle stretching of the neck muscles and cervical joints. Neck traction is not new. It has been practiced by many Chiropractors.

A neck traction or cervical traction device does not impair users in any way when conducting most daily activities and can be worn comfortably even when working at the office.

Cervical traction device is considered a vital upgrade to the traditional specially designed pillows used by people with neck problems, which obviously could only be used only during sleep.

chisoft neck traction
chisoft neck traction

Cervical Neck Traction Device and Cervical Pillow

Differences Discovered!

Awkward sleeping positions are one of the biggest causes of chronic neck pain. The advancement of technology has made cervical traction pillows which helps in dealing with the neck pain and awkward sleeping positions. A normal pillow cannot facilitate you with a proper position while you sleep.

People have reported a great improvement in their neck pain after they switched from conventional pillows to cervical traction pillows. Cervical traction pillows are however, restricted in providing benefit only while you sleep and occupational neck pain is still the problem unsolved.

Neck traction device on the other hand is designed to cure occupational neck pain. These devices are portable and easy to use. They are designed in such a way that while you wear one around your neck, you will feel as if you are not wearing it at all. They are ideal for improving your sitting posture while working on computer for long hours, working on your study desk or watching television for a long time.

chisoft neck traction
chisoft neck traction

Inflatable Cervical Traction Device

What Are The Additional Benefits?

Benefits of using cervical traction devices are not limited to retaining the correct posture at work but there is a lot more to it. Today, our lifestyle is sedentary and tough. Activities have almost gone from our lifestyle due to work pressure and tough competition.

People are working day and night to remain on top and improve their productivity. In the race of reaching the top what is happening is that people are getting more stressed out and peace and calmness have almost eliminated from their lives. This stress and tension further turns into headache and severe neck problems.

Research states that neck traction devices can help relieve stress around the neck and shoulders. These devices reduce the tension that develops in cervical disc and it also cures pinched nerves causing acute pain.

CHISOFT Cervical Traction Device =

No More Worries About Neck Pain

Neck traction device instruction
Neck traction device instruction

How To Use This Cervical Traction Device?

  1. Squeeze the pump with your hand several times to inflate the Neck Traction Device a little bit.
  2. Put the ChiSoft Unit around your neck and fasten it with the Velcro strap.
  3. Continue Squeezing the pump several times to fully inflate all three layers until you feel the comfortable Traction force.

As an option, you can prevent air from going into the top layer by pinching the blister on the tube after two layers are inflated. To deflate the Cervical Traction device, simply turn the silver knob at the bottom of the pump and let the air go out. Read the complete Neck Traction manual at Body Face Shop

ATTENTION: Do not over inflate the device, otherwise it be defective. Most suppliers don't provide money guarantee if you break the device.

TIP1: You can also lay down at the ground with the cervical traction device. Some people feel more comfortable this way.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT Squeeze on the neck traction device to push all the air outside. This will damage the neck traction device.

neck pain
neck pain

Is Your Neck Pain Getting Worse?

Prevent it with Cervical Traction Device

Overlooking neck pain at an early stage is the worst thing you could do to your neck. In its initial stage neck pain is not acute, but as the pressure on your neck muscles and connective tissues keeps on increasing, they eventually become weak and results in constant neck pain.

Neck traction devices are known for their effectiveness in acute neck pain. Traction devices aid in easing neck pain at an early stage. If you start using traction device at an early stage, you are likely to avoid your chances of going through a neck surgery in future.

chisoft cervical traction device
chisoft cervical traction device

Doctors Recommend Cervical Traction Device

A Cervical Neck Traction is an inflatable neck traction equipment that weights less than 1 pound. It gently stretches your stiff muscle release the pressure of the compressed discs.

Cervical Traction Used by Chiropractors

Neck Traction has been used for many years by Chiropractors, but now there is easy way to get effective for neck pain relief at home or anywhere. This innovative cervical traction device is adjustable for different neck sizes by using three different inflatable layers. You can easily deflate it and put in your carry bag.

What A Neck Pain Sufferer Say About ChiSoft Neck Traction

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pain killers
pain killers

Using Drugs For Neck Pain Treatment

Can Be The Worst Solution

Some people opt for drugs to get a relief from severe neck pain. In some cases, the option may work as well and the pain may go away completely but it should be noted that this relief is temporarily and there are great chances that the pain would return again.

The benefits of muscle relaxants are short-term and are not appropriate if you wish you get permanent solution. These medications lose their effectiveness in about two weeks or more. In addition to this, muscle relaxants have several side effects, drowsiness, confusion and dizziness being one of them.

Instead of taking medicines and wasting your money on them another suitable option you can go for in neck pain is a visit to chiropractor. They can do neck traction for you, which is applied to relieve the joints of the neck.

cervical traction
cervical traction

You Should Try A Cervical Traction Device Because..

The Cervical Neck Traction provides the best alternative for people wanting to address their cervical pains during the day, and not just by night using cervical pillows.

Top 6 Reasons To Try Cervical Traction At Home:

  • Prevent bad sitting posture
  • Free of any drugs
  • Safe And Easy To Use
  • Very comfortable stretch
  • Perfect for daily use, even when at work
  • Avoid neck surgery

Why So Many Neck Pain Sufferers... - Are Using Cervical Traction Device

Cervical Traction Device
Cervical Traction Device

Neck pain is a notorious cause for decreased productivity, and the ChiSoft cervical traction device can to help you get your productivity back at optimum levels. This particular device is also widely known for doing a little more than just relieving your cervical pains.

Cervical Traction Device will also completely relax all the muscles in your neck and of course the neighboring shoulder muscles.

Another important reason why so many people have already decided to use a cervical traction device is that cervical pains that are left unattended will most likely require you to undergo surgical interventions.

There is really no reason why you should have to endure a painful operation when you can prevent it by using a very effective and completely safe product.

How Does A Neck Traction Device Feel?

The ChiSoft cervical traction device is covered with soft textile design, which makes this neck traction equipment feels comfortable.

The ChiSoft cervical traction device helps to completely relieve any strain related neck pains by stretching the joints and muscles in the neck area in a gentle manner. Due to its construction, the ChiSoft cervical traction device is perfect for people who want a professional but yet affordable solution for their neck pains that does not require them to sacrifice mobility.

The ChiSoft cervical traction device cannot be purchased at retail stores.

vote about neck pain
vote about neck pain

What Have You Tried To Stop Your Neck Pain So Far?

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Don't Forget To Visit Your Chiropractor

Among various treatments of neck pain chiropractic care is also popular on the list. This option works with any type of neck pain. You are advised to visit a chiropractor in days of severe pain. On your first visit, your chiropractor will start your treatment after a session of some typical questions.

These typical questions are related to your lifestyle and medical history and are as follows:

- When did your pain begin?

- Have your tired other treatments to cure your pain?

- Does your pain travel from your neck to other regions of your body or other parts of your body also hurt?

- Any activity which tends to make your neck pain any better or worse?

In some instances, depending upon the intensity of pain the chiropractor may carry out further in-depth physical and neurological exams. These detailed inspections will help determine your range of motion, overall physical condition, muscle strength, reflexes and most importantly your posture.

Apart from posture issues, there are some other factors which can possibly be the reason for your neck pain. These possible reasons are bone spurs, disc issues, fracture and arthritis. They are identified with the help of x-rays.

Cervical Manipulation By Chiropractor Is Safe

Cervical manipulation is a procedure which is performed by hand and applied to the joints of the neck. Chiropractors recommend this procedure as it is very accurate and effective. The process is also known as neck adjustments.

This treatment helps to enhance spine mobility, improve postures and normal spine curves and re-establish range of motion. This treatment facilitates reduction in neck stiffness, better head movements and reduced neck pain.

Chiropractic care includes different treatments, such as, massage treatments, mobilization, rehabilitation and various exercise programs. Your chiropractor may combine one of these treatments with cervical manipulation as when they are performed together on a patient, the results are always great.

The benefit of visiting a chiropractor in neck pain is not just getting rid of the pain but also understanding your medical condition in detail. A chiropractor will understand and examine your neck condition in depth giving your useful advice and appropriate treatment to cure your pain completely.

A chiropractor specializing in curative care concerning a thorough treatment program including spinal curative rehab is your opportunity for easing your neck pain, work out the cause of the problem and never experiencing neck pain again in your life.

Tell Us Your Stories About Neck Pain - Or Simply Leave A Comment Below - Thanks!

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      6 years ago

      Great lens!

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      6 years ago

      cervical neck traction works great for someone who is suffering from a pinched nerve - arc4life

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      7 years ago

      yeah, neck traction is great for neck pain sufferers from pinched nerve

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      7 years ago

      Good tips. People are having incorrect posture all the time.


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