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Exercises after a c section / ceasarean section

Updated on November 10, 2015

How quickly you can exercise after C section?

Congratulations with your new baby!

May be your pregnancy did not go as planned and you got a c-section. What is next? I have never planned c-section, but dreamed about perfect natural birth! Anyway, I can not change anything now and I'm happy my baby is safe!

So what kind of exercises we can do after a caesarean section?

Congratulation with a new baby!

Congratulation with a new baby!
Congratulation with a new baby!

C-section and aftercare

Things you need for the first month after the delivery...

If you had a caesarian section...

  • 1. Walking is an excellent exercise. Especially with baby in a buggy. You need fresh air and baby as well. Find some mommy friend and walk in the park together. Plus buy a pedometer and increase speed and distance every week.

For all hot mamas there!

Post c section exercises


2. Swimming is recommended after two months. I personally love swimming. Great way to control your weight, tone muscles and relax. I choose swimming because if you came to swimming pool, there is no way back and you do the exercise.

What else you can do?

Aerobics and gym work not recommended before three months, so be careful. You want you c-section to heal 100%. If you want to start earlier consult your doctor.

I bought a twister and I do 20 minutes every day.As well I run up and down the stairs. Free and it's good cardio.

Great C-section Recovery stuff

c-section, caesarian, cesarian, recovery, health, squidoo, baby
c-section, caesarian, cesarian, recovery, health, squidoo, baby

You might need these as well

If you are a patient who has had or is about to have a Cesarean delivery, you might need these as well. C-section underwear and c-section dvds or a girdle ( I had one myself).

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    • Magda2012 profile image

      Magda2012 4 years ago

      thanks for sharing this, very useful :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Walking mainly and walking the floor with a crying baby all night lol that really does the trick. Also the Stitches hurt like crazy ouch.

    • JillWellcott profile image

      JillWellcott 5 years ago

      Anything to help tighten the stomach is going to help. Ab exercises, swimming, stretching etc...

    • AussieAnnie LM profile image

      AussieAnnie LM 5 years ago

      There are alot of garments to help with recovery and they are all good but the best is to start pure Pilates (Transverse Abdominal exercises) immediately post birth.As a physiotherapist this is what I teach all my new mums.

    • profile image

      Comptrainer 5 years ago

      Very useful lense! The C-Section is one health area with specialized fitness needs for women. Good Work! Comptrainer

    • littlelotus profile image

      littlelotus 6 years ago

      yes, really helpful. I had an emergency c-section about 6months ago, and with no time to exercise, not really kno what is OK or not, and other things I can do to minimise the damage to my body, I still have this skin hanging below my waist (yuck!). Feel like carrying a waist wallet all the time :)... must get back into shape! I'll try your suggestions (seems a bit late for some, but I guess it's never too late)

    • profile image

      Fit_Over_40_Buzz 7 years ago

      This is a great lens. Thanks for making it. Very informative. I gave you a thumbs up

      cause I like your lens.

    • Rach72 LM profile image

      Rach72 LM 7 years ago

      Some great info, thanks - I agree, those C-section girdles and underwear may seem yucky - but they are sooooo worth it and really do help with speeding up your C-Section Recovery!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Information was good keep up the good work, look forward to reading some more things that you have to offer.weight lifting machines