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Home Remedies to Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Updated on September 24, 2013

Fatigue affects younger people

Chronic fatigue affects younger people
Chronic fatigue affects younger people | Source

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by constant tiredness, exhaustion and weariness; the condition may last for 6 months or more.

Exhaustion and low levels of energy are accompanied by trouble in cognition such as decreased concentration and absentmindedness.

On the whole, the disorder afflicts females more than males, and affects those in their 20s.

Causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There is no explicit cause for CFS; however, the condition has been linked to infections which have an influence on the immune mechanism.

  • Some studies also link the disorder to the bacterium chlamydia pneumoniae, even as; others associate it with the Epstein-Barr virus that causes mononucleosis.
  • CFS has also been linked to other inflammatory conditions like diarrhea, bronchitis, and candidiasis.
  • Endocrinal disorders including adrenal insufficiency and thyroid dysfunction have been linked with this condition.
  • Kidney disorders and Liver disorders often resulting in lowered functionality may result in accumulation of toxins in the body and thereby trigger an episode of chronic fatigue.
  • Chronic ailments including cancer
  • Stress-triggered illnesses are considered as a noteworthy cause.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Though in most cases the symptomatology is vague, some of the common symptoms considered as a part of the syndrome complex include,

  1. Fatigue: The principal symptom is weakness, exhaustion and fatigue. The tiredness commences due to an infection and tends to persist even after the infection has resolved. The individual gets so worn out and drained that he cannot even carry out his basic day to day activities.
  2. Poor Cognition: This is characterized by poor short term memory. Recall capacity of certain words in normal speech get significantly impaired. Attention span and concentration levels reduce considerably.
  3. Depression tends to set in, in due course.

Other associated symptoms include bodyache, headache, muscle cramps, and elevated body temprature are frequently seen.

 Home Remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There are certain home remedies that have been considered useful in treating certain aspects of the syndrome complex. It is recommended that these home remedies should be used in conjunction for maximum benefit,

  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a tonic and has warming; strengthening, fortifying and stimulating properties which help chase away infections, gastric malfunctioning and low levels of energy.Cinnamon acts on the GI tract and successfully battles pains, diarrhea, abdominal boating and distension and flatulence. It also helps allays some of the symptoms like joint pains, muscular pains and headaches. Add 1 spoon of powdered cinnamon to boiling water; and consume this twice every day.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an immune system strengthener. The vitamin peps up the working of the immune system substantially and battles infections and scavenges and destroys free radicals, thereby, protecting the body from damage. Limes, oranges, bell peppers, apples, mangoes, kiwis, chilies, guavas, papayas and tomatoes are packed with vitamin C. Incorporate these in to our daily menu.
  • Rose: Rose has extraordinary comforting, calming, and detoxifying properties. It is an excellent immune enhancer as well. Rose has a soothing and uplifting effect on the nervous system and dispels gloom, anxiety and dejection. Boil about 10 rose petals in water and consume daily.

Lifestyle tips to deal with CFS

In addition to the home remedies, there are certain lifestyle modification tips that can help manage some of the condition,

  • Regular excercise for about 15 minutes each day is very helpful. Regular excercise can help boost metabolic rates, enhance immunity and improve ability to cope with stress.
  • Yoga and meditation are also beneficial as they improve cognitive abilities, concentration and immunity. Meditate for about 10 minutes each day.
  • A healthy diet loaded comprising of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, diary products, pulses, salads and lean meat is very essential to deal with this condition. It is recommended to avoid areated drinks, coffee and regular tea.
  • Adequate sleep for minimum of 8 hours each day plays a vital role in allowing the body to renew itself each day. Chammomile green tea is helpful to induce a good night sleep.


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