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Chakra Meditation, Tools and Asanas

Updated on March 13, 2014

I've been working with the chakras for many years now and this is one of my most favourite books on the subject, because it covers each one in such beautiful detail.

There are countless books out there on the chakras, but this is the one that I turn to again and again, even though I have gained much experience in chakra and energy healing over the last decade or so.

After a nicely comprehensive but understandable introduction to what chakras are, along with notes on energy bodies, prana and nadis, the book is broken up into chapters on each of the chakras. A chapter covers meditations, visualisations, yoga positions and asanas for the chakra in question, along with other tools for healing and balancing, including flower essences, crystals, foods, incenses and essential oils.

The book is beautifully illustrated, and includes yantras (symbolic images) for each of the chakras to meditate upon, as well as clear photographs of the yoga asanas and poses.

The reason I like the book so much is that it contains true, ancient wisdom that is conveyed in such a way that it both captivates and provides easy understanding of the topic. Each chakra is clearly explained, from the primary functions of each one, to the reasons it may become out of balance or need healing. There are numerous mediation and visualisation options along with countless more tools, which offers a variety of ways to sit and work with your energy. I also like the fact that the author does not stick to the main 7 chakras, as so many books do, but also covers other chakras such as those of the hands and feet.

I have the hardback edition and it it beautiful to hold. It almost resonates with healing energy. While it is a very comprehensive read, it is also suitable for those who may be newer to the subject, as it is written in an accessible way. Those seasoned in working with the chakras will also enjoy it - I had read several books on the subject and worked with them for several years before I obtained this book, and it was nice to read new things and discover new ways to work with them.

If you want an in depth look at the chakras, with plenty to work on and information all in one place, then this is the book for you.

If shopping from the UK, you can purchase Chakra Meditation here.

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The Chakra Bible: The Definitive Guide to Working with Chakras (Mind Body Spirit Bibles)
The Chakra Bible: The Definitive Guide to Working with Chakras (Mind Body Spirit Bibles)

I love the "Bible" series of books, as they are fabulous primers for beginners but also contain enough solid information to be of interest to the more experienced, too. This one is no exception, and well worth a read.

The Book of Chakra Healing
The Book of Chakra Healing

This was the first book I ever read on chakras and it remains dear to my heart. The illustrations are beautiful and it is a wonderful quick and easy reference to chakra correspondences, exercises and meditations.

Chakra Clearing
Chakra Clearing

I have most of Doreen Virtue's books and I do love this book on chakras. Her meditations for morning and evening chakra clearing are very energising, and I work with the accompanying CD often.


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Meditation on the 7 Chakras

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