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Challanges Torwards Fitness

Updated on February 29, 2016

Challenges faced towards the road to fitness

The human body is simply amazing in every way.a marvel that works by constantly exceeding its limits and does this with the help of proper training and an iron some point in our lives we all strive to be leaner, athletic or more simply to shed off some weight to better one's visual appearance. Sadly some people rarely manage to achieve this feat. Some find it difficult as they begin,while others simply give up along the way. It’s often said that before the battle one must be mentally prepared by being strategic, knowing any difficulties you’ll face before hand and finding methods to overcome.its often quoted knowledge is here is a simple guide on what you’ll experience on your way there and achieve your goal towards absolute fitness

  1. It’s not going to be easy:you are investing in your general well being and it will be truly beneficial to you in the will cost your time and resources since anything worth having is worth the sacrifice. Eventually it gets tougher,you'll want to quit but you must bear through it all.At the same time keep working hard and smart for you goal.Don't give up ,push through and you'll soon enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

  2. You’ll be more pumped up when you begin: you begin with alot of enthusiasm,doing plenty of exercises and exceeding even your expectations. soon fatigue and doubt sets must have an iron will and muster all you've got to get what you want instead of quiting early .it’s a known fact that we are so energetic at the beginning of a new exciting program but few can keep up the momentum. Like a once blazing fire our determination quickly dies out and we ultimately stop working out completely.Its important to take it slow and pace yourself before you burn out.a step at a timeas you gradually increase your work out intensity.

  3. Conflicting schedule and lack of time: At first you readily sacrifice time to exercise at home,jog or go to the gym. Eventually it becomes another chore or daily routine which can be skipped if one feels like make excuses while procrastinating believing you'll make up for the times you've missed out but gradually it becomes a pattern and ultimately a habit.The progress you've made thus far is lost and recovering will be more difficult .when you are focused on achieving your goals nothing can stand in your way. Create a routine that you'll stick to and apply daily,rarely compromising unless a critical emergency arises.

  4. Changing your diet: what you eat daily is what builds your body up or slows down your progress to a crawl. You may have reasons against shifting to a healthier diet but it’s your own resolve for change that will make a difference.we are all tempeted to eat fatty,fried,processed food which aren't healthy for must realise they hinder one's progress and you soon become may taste good now but are you willing to deny yourself a greater goal for many years to come? isn't it better to have a long term perspective by sacrificing the present for the better? There are alot of healthy alternatives easily accessible from online sources, books and media them out and give it a try.Invest in a more healthier diet as you walk towards the path of living a more fulfilling lifestyle.

  5. Being impatient Expecting quick results: in this modern age the time taken to receive results is at an all time low but when it comes to the human body one cant simply expect to see a total transformation in a few weeks.The little things such as daily manageable exercises count all the more and give you more momentum as your body adjusts to the changes as it repairs itself . if your keen you'll start to notice that you'll feel more energetic, light on your feet or you shed off some weight gradually.This is great progress and you'll hunger for more and better results as you go on.Don't throw in the towel just yet.The small changes you notice shows what greater things are in store for you.remember when it comes to the human body patience and dedication are some of the most crucial aspects.

  6. Loss of interest and boredom: a constant routine is great at first but boredom sets in and you slowly loss focus since it isn't as exciting as it once was.Most experienced fitness experts who started out like you will admit with time they integrated new moves and routines as time passed by to make it more exciting and interesting.start by researching new workouts. Seek advice from the experienced people you meet along the way and put to the test their methods to create a more versatile routine. You’ll be surprised how a few new challenging moves will help you overcome your limits and even exceed your own expectations making it all the more fun.

These are just but of the few obstacles you’ll face along the way. Now that you are more equipped I’m confident you’ll be able to overcome any obstacles you'll face as you become more fit irregardless of you age,status or nationality



© 2016 Mark Peter


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    • profile image

      Chased Kyalo 2 years ago

      I like your article... I would like to see one on foods

    • mark kenga profile image

      Mark Peter 2 years ago from Kenya

      Thank you very much deborah demander.i'll keep sharing my wisdom with you

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 2 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Interesting article. There are a lot of obstacles to fitness, and you've explored several of them.

      Thanks for writing.