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Get Paid for Junk

Updated on July 24, 2013

Don't Pay for Trash Removal - Get Paid!

Want to find out some easy ways to get your trash hauled off, recycled, or taken off your hands without having to pay? You can actually get some cash for trash as well as get your home storage spaces sparkling clean for a move, seasonal cleaning, or some other reason. Maybe you just want to get rid of all that excess junk! We all do it, we collect. Unload it, and be free of it with a few simple and easy steps!

You really can turn anything into cash if you find the right avenues and a demand for these items. Sick of yardsaling all summer. Here are some tips to reduce your time trying to get rid of junk, and turning it into an investment that hoards and clogs up your clean and neat environment!

Salvation, Hallelujah! Just get rid of it, really, its not doing anything in your basement or attic, except collecting dust!

A rule of thumb in my house, is if you haven't used it in nine months, its gone!

Costco Trade-In Program

Trade-In Program

For Laptops, Cell Phones, LCD Monitors, Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, Blu-Ray, Gaming Systems & More

Costco's Trade-In Program now puts more money in your wallet. Responsibly trade-in electronic gadgets (such as laptops, cell phones, LCD monitors, digital cameras, MP3 players, gaming systems & more) for Costco Cash good for anything in Costco warehouses or at

1. Click here to visit the trade-in website.

2. Find the value of the items you would like to trade-in.

3. Ship the items to Gazelle for free.

4. Once your items are evaluated, receive a Costco Cash Card within 14 days.

Costco has teamed up with Gazelle, the industry leader in electronics trade-in, to offer this program. Gazelle will evaluate your items to confirm value and then safely and securely remove personal data prior to issuing the Costco Cash Card. Free shipping is offered on all transactions with a value of at least $1.

Costco's Program currently enables you to both trade-in electronic gadgets in more than 15 categories, and we continue to add more each month. However, for items we do not yet accept (such as faxes, printers, and TVs), you can use the Recycler Network Directory to find a local recycler near your home. Contact information is provided for each recycler.

The Trade-In Program is available to all Costco members.

Gazelle is the industry leader in electronics trade-in and is based in Boston, MA. Gazelle is committed to providing an easy, fast, and safe way for consumers to get rewarded for selling unwanted electronics or to recycle them responsibly. To date, thousands of consumers have used the service as a way to clean out closets, get cash and help out a good cause.

Gazelle believes that data privacy and security are extremely important. All items are wiped of personal data and reset to factory settings. For items with hard drives, Gazelle utilizes Department of Defense approved software and performs all tasks in a controlled, secure environment.

Metal Scrapping - Washers, Dryers, Fridges, Big Appliances, Get Rid of Them Free!

People will come pick up your stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances made of metal and thank you for it! There are actually people, scrappers, who pick up metal, and they collect it all day and sell it at the junkyard. This is their job, so they are only too happy when large items come up. This includes junk vehicles, chairs with metal on them, bed frames, metal cabinets, and other junk you may so desperately want to get rid of, but don't feel like hauling.

Your other option is to gain incentive to haul it yourself by getting paid yourself at the scrap yard for redeeming these items. You will be glad you did it, and glad you didn't spend the day yardsaling!

Recycle Bank - Recycle Bank Rewards for Recycling Initiatives

Recycle Bank strives to help and encourage consumers (you and I) to recycle our trash so that it ends up going to good use, and not landfills. This is the greenest way that I am able to save money, and I've been really into it lately.

Recycle Bank has partnered up with Ziploc Bags, Coke, Kashi, iTunes, and other companies to provide savings, freebies, and gift cards for your recycling (trash).

So, sign up, and as long as your community has recycling, you can get hooked up with Recycle Bank. Even if it doesn't, you can enter Naked Juice, Ziploc, Nature Made Vitamin, and Kashi codes to get freebies all year long!

There are three ways your city or waste hauler may chose to participate in the Recyclebank program:

* In some areas, Recycle Bank uses technology (on trucks and on your cart) to determine how much you recycled.

* Your recycling cart will be weighed each week when your recycling will be picked up. The weight of your cart is translated into a number of Recyclebank points, which you can redeem for rewards. So, the more you recycle, the more you earn! Super easy, right?

* In other communities, Recycle Bank uses technology (on trucks and/or your recycling carts) look at who participated in recycling and the total weight of the recycling collected in a neighborhood (or a specific sanitation truck route). In these communities, individual households earn rewards based on an equal percentage of the total neighborhood recycling weight. Whatever your piece of the pie ends up being that week, we deposit that amount of points into your individual Recyclebank account. So, if your total neighborhood gathers 100 points, and there are 10 households in your neighborhood, you each get 10 points. It's our everybody wins philosophy.

* A third approach is a slight tweak on the collective community option above. In these communities, we need you to tell us you recycled on our site or via our mobile app in order to get your share of the community's Recyclebank Points for each collection.

Curious which program your waste hauler or local government is using? Give them a ring and find out.

Please visit your local city's website to see what specific materials are accepted for recycling in your area.


Simply Cellular - Recyle Old Cell Phone That Are Donated to Charity - Get Paid!

SimplySellular specializes in buying used cellular phones. We deal with old Audiovox, Boost, Danger, HP, Hitachi, Hop-on, Handspring, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Panasonic, RIM, Sharp, Samsung, Sanyo, Siemens, Sony Ericson, Sprint, UTStarcom, and Vertu cellphones. SimplySellular buys different models, manufacturers as well as conditions.

If you have recently got a new cellular phone you can turn your old one into cash.

The SimplySellular has teamed up to provide you an easy and free way to trade-in your cell phone.

SimplySellular has successfully relieved the operational burden of managing a so-called 911 cellular phone program. You should be aware of the fact that by donating your cellular phone you can do more than just provide emergency communications for people who are in need. When you donate your old cell phone, you help to provide funds that support the law enforcement activities as well as victim services organizations in the United States.

Mobile phones are refurbished and donated to people in need, including battered women and military personnel. In case refurbished cellular phones are sold, most of the carriers make a donation to charity. If it is impossible to refurbish the phone, one disposes of it.

Buy My Tronics - Sell E-Readers, Laptops, Phones & More!

Depending on the price and weight of your item, you will either receive a free label to print out and attach to your box or they send you a prepaid box to return to us in the mail.

Either way, your Tronics will be free to send in (if your item has a value on their site). Drop your box off at a United States Post Office, give it to your mail person or contact FedEx Ground to pick up your package (depending on what type of shipping you qualify for).

Within about a week of your Tronics arriving you get payment via check, to your PayPal address or a charity of your choice.

Cash 4 Cartridges - or Donate to the Local Salvation Army

Join their recycling program and begin collecting empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges for recycling.

Earn money as you turn trash into cash! They immediately provide you with the promotional materials and helpful tips you need to make your recycling effort a success.

Begin accumulating empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges. Tell your friends, colleagues, and community that you are recycling empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges for cash.

Log-in to the Participant Area at Cash4Cartridges USA and send in your empty printer cartridges for recycling. It's that easy!

Free Cycle

Get Rid of Anything!

Do you have a mattress that is in good enough shape that a family in need could use, clothes, furniture that is less than perfect, but that somebody else could use for storage, or for a family starting out that would just be glad to have anything? Free Cycle is good for this purpose. Need to get rid of wood? A door, shelving, telephones, monitors, computer equipment, old decorations, a couch, tv, toys, VHS videos, old game systems, old games, furniture? Believe me, there are people who could use it. Once, I put up my son's old nebulizer (asthma machine) on Free Cycle, and there was a family in dire need of one who couldn't afford it. We cleaned it, and it was something as good as new for them! With proper research, you can even find good homes for pets, pet equipment, and other things. Its really a good way to give back to your community and get rid of your stuff when you don't have time to yard-sale it.

Put up a quick post. List your address or street if you feel comfortable, and place it in your front yard. Trust me, people will come get it!

Craigslist - Sell or Give Away Anything!

Craigslist is like Freecycle, and a free Ebay combined, but there are no auctions involved! List your items and get emailed responses, (they can be privately assigned emails so they can't see your email address), but your messages will actually be forwarded to their email. You can either list things as free or you can assign prices to items and have people come get them.

This is where the scrappers hang out who come and collect your metal objects you want to junk. Generally, they only pay you to scap cars, but when metal prices are high, you can get anywhere from $75-$300 for a completely useless car. If you know anything about cars, sell parts like the catalytic converter, and other expensive pieces that people may need for assigned prices. Just to get rid of them, you may want to sell them cheaply, and have the customer pull out the part to save you some stress. Knock off dollars for them to do it themselves. You can also drop off parts at the junk yard for a fee.

Sell unwanted clothes, furniture, and other items of value for a low price, and there isn't shipping involved. Locals can meet you somewhere, or simply come pick items up if you are comfortable with that!

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