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A Cheap First Aid Kit Can Be all You Need

Updated on November 13, 2015

How A Cheap First Aid Kit Can Also Be The Complete First Aid Kit for Family and Sport and Camping Needs

The standard first aid kit has most things in it however the complete first aid kit has all that you would expect and also some extras like the emergency blanket and the tooth saver. Even though it is also a cheap first aid kit it also covers most people's needs from everything from sport to camping to family emergencies. Having a kit in your car or your home where everyone knows where it is can save time and help with first aid needs. In my view this is the best first aid kit for most needs, it is such great value for money.

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The Complete First Aid Kit

Standard First Aid Kit Contents

A complete fist aid kit contains everything you need yet may not even realize you need and are very unlikely to buy if you buy items separately. I know there is a lot that I wouldn't have considered buying, yet when researching what you do really need and from experience of not having the right stuff when I need it, it makes perfect sense.


This kit is great for camping as it has everything you need yet is small enough to pack away for most camping trips. It even has a silver emergency blanket, though you may want to take a couple just to be on the safe side. Of course if you are going into hot reasons you may want to also have a gold emergency blanket as well.

Save a Tooth

This is not something I would consider necessary at first glance and would not have thought to put into a first aid kit. However if you have kids or do a sport it can be really useful to have as you can keep your tooth for when you visit the dentist after it has been knocked out. The container preserves the tooth if put in quickly and prevents it from dying so it can be put back in. This can save thousands in having a whole new tooth created.

Best First Aid Kit for Car

As the kit has everything in it and is compact it is easy to transport in the car.

Safety Notice:

A first Aid kit should be in a location that everyone has access to it if required, however please be aware that if it is in the reach of children there may be items in any kit that they should not have access to like scissors and pills etc.

If you have children make sure you either keep the kit out of reach or remove any items that are dangerous for them.

Cheap First Aid Kits

First Aid Kit Cost and Value

The cost of first aid kits vary as do the contents, but cheap first aid kits and value kits are not always the same. This kit has fantastic contents for the small price which actually makes the price outstanding!

First Aid Kit Contents

Your First Aid Kit Organization

Organisation for your First Aid Bag

Everyone will have different needs for their first aid kit. Some will have a family and a home, others will be using it for sport and others will be out in the wilds. Out of necessity each will have slightly different needs yet at the same time need a complete kit for those needs. For example if out in the wilds you will be more considerate for weight. The complete first aid kit is both efficient size and has a diversity of contents.

With this in mind it is important that it is well organized so that everything is easy to find.

In this kit everything is color coded and clearly labelled. It is also packaged with comfortable spacing and then wrapped in plastic to keep contents clean. Not only that things that you might need together stay together in the kit thus making treatment of any patient faster and easier.

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    • craig57 lm profile image

      craig57 lm 5 years ago

      First aid kits are very handy, and I do own a cheap a complete kit!