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Nurses Uniforms on a Budget

Updated on September 6, 2014

Save Money with Cheap Nurses Uniforms!!

Need to save money on your work wardrobe? Here are the best cheap nurses uniforms!

You want to look attractive and professional at work, but you don't want to spend a lot of money on scrubs. You have other things to spend your hard-earned money on. Save on your work uniforms and have some money left over for other things!

Whether you are looking for scrubs, uniform dresses, skirts or traditional uniforms, you will find it here! I have gathered the best affordable and good-looking nurses uniforms for both men and women on this webpage, because I know you are busy and don't want to spend your precious time off running from one store to another, trying to find work uniforms.

A crisp, professional appearance is important on any job. In the medical profession, it is even more essential. The way you are dressed makes a difference in the confidence and trust your patient feels she can place in you. When you look great, your patient can relax and feels more confident in your abilities. Your employer will also feel more confident in your abilities and professionalism. Perhaps you will even get a promotion!

No need to let this important aspect of your career slide when times are tight. These cheap uniforms for nurses will fit with your budget! No more blowing half your paycheck on the uniforms you need to keep your job! No need to forego the fresh and tidy appearance that will inspire confidence in your competency level on the job!

Save money, advance your career and check out these cheap nurses uniforms!

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unisex scrubs
unisex scrubs

Where to Find Affordable Uniforms and Scrubs

Stocking your work wardrobe doesn't have to be expensive, but to save money you might need to spend some time. It is possible to find scrubs that won't cost you an arm and a leg, but it will probably require some leg work!

One way to save is to shop at discount department stores rather than specialty uniform shops. Stores like Walmart often have scrubs offered at a lower price.

The specialty stores usually have a clearance rack, and you can find some good bargains there if you take the time to check back often. Ask the sales clerk what days they usually stock their clearance rack, to find the best selection.

Your local thrift stores and charity shops can often have some uniforms in stock. This is hit or miss, so be sure to check often to increase your chances of finding something in good condition that is in your size.

Unisex Scrub Set - 2 Pocket Top, 1 Pocket Pants Style# UX03SET

Cute Scrub Set for Less Than the Usual Price of One Piece! - One of the Best Inexpensive Nurses Uniforms!

What a bargain! You get both a top and a bottom for less than the typical price of one piece! And so cute! The contrast trim looks stylish and professional!

This is one of my favorite nurses uniforms! You get so much for the money!

At this price you might be able to pick up some extra colors!

Natural Uniforms Women's Contrast Trim Scrub Set
Natural Uniforms Women's Contrast Trim Scrub Set

What a great deal! With a great selection of colors like water blue, hot pink and lilac.


A Basic Scrub Top

This basic scrub top is comfortable for work. Comes in many colors. Why spend more when you can get this top for under $10.00?

Cute Flare-Leg Scrub Pants - Lots of Colors in this Nurses Uniform!

Having a lot of colors to choose from is one of the criteria I look for when selecting items to feature on my webpage. Nurses, and their employers, have preferences, after all! Lots of colors to choose from here! They have everything from basic white and navy, to khaki, aqua or black, and much more.

I also love the style these cute scrub pants possess! Cute flare leg with a slit! Love it!

Then there is the great price! What's not to love here?

Flare Scrub Pants with Half Elastic (3) Pockets - Style# FR1
Flare Scrub Pants with Half Elastic (3) Pockets - Style# FR1

We love everything about these great scrub pants!


Cheap but Cute Nurses Uniform Tops

A cute print can brighten up your workday and put patients at ease. You have a lot of variety to choose from with these cute and affordable scrub tops!

E.Libby Soft Mock Wrap Scrub Tops XS-3X
E.Libby Soft Mock Wrap Scrub Tops XS-3X

Affordable scrub tops for women, in seven attractive prints. Available in sizes extra-small to 2XL.


Unisex Scrub Pants - You Can Save Money on Your Nurses Uniform!

I especially like these very practical scrub pants, with two side pockets as well as a back pocket. Unisex styling in a wide selection of colors and sizes. Plus sizes too!

Unisex Scrubs - Cheap Nurses Uniform for Men

These unisex scrubs will work for either men or women. This is a practical, basic scrub set. Nothing fancy here, but very serviceable. It comes in seventeen different colors. It is available in sizes extra small to 5XL.

If you are looking for a good set of scrubs at an affordable price, this could be the one!

White Swan Unisex Scrub Set White Swan Unisex Scrubs
White Swan Unisex Scrub Set White Swan Unisex Scrubs

Unisex styling. Wide range of sizes and colors!


Women's Scrub Set

This is a nice scrub set for ladies. It comes in twenty-one different colors, and in sizes extra-small to 3XL.

Athletic Stripe Scrub Set

This is a very cute scrub set, with sporty athletic stripes on the shoulders and legs. Available in black, wine, sage and three shades of blue, in sizes extra-small to 3XL.

Adar Unisex Scrub Set

This is a very versatile scrub set. It is affordable, and comes in twenty-four colors. It is available in sizes extra-small to 5XL.

Cherokee Uniforms Unisex Scrub Set

This affordable scrub set is available in 27 different color choices. It comes in sizes extra-extra-small (2XS) to 5XL.

Inexpensive Nurses Uniforms on eBay

Another place to find bargains is eBay! I love to shop here. You never know what you will find. It changes from one day to the next. Here is a sample of what they are offering today!

Do you have any advice for saving money on nurses uniforms?

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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      You have a nice variety here of outfits for nurses.