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Cheapest Herb for Improving Memory

Updated on March 23, 2011

Gotu Kola Leaf

Shaped like a brain ;-)
Shaped like a brain ;-)

Gotu Kola my favorite herb

The cheapest herb for improving memory is Gotu Kola. AKA Centella asiatica or Indian pennywort .There plenty of articles written about this wonderful herb. I have used this herb for over 30 years. Used for muscle stiffness and pain sometimes used topically for wound healing, The chinese use it for memory.

You can buy it in liquid and powder form. I actually prefer the liquid or fresh picked. I grow the plants in my yard I imported them from India. I also have liquid and powder in the house. My memory wasn't ever really bad. But only weeks after taking it people started to notice that I was remembering more than I did before. I could remember numbers ,directions, and the materials I read with amazing recall.

I met a well known Chinese Anatomy professor Dr. Quan U. I helped him preform open heart surgery on a patient. The case took 12 hrs ,we conversed and worked side by side the whole time. Two years later I saw him in another city and remembered his name and also the case we did together. Needless to say he was amazed. Actually I was also.

Ginseng may improve memory but I tried it for years I didn't notice any improvement remembering things. Its way more expensive than Gotu Kola.

Although I did notice I had more energy taking Ginseng and Gotu Kola together than I did with just Gotu Kola. Almost everyone I have given a plant to or have told about this herb has noticed a difference in their memory. I love it because its not very expensive and it works! You can get it or order it almost any where in the world.

Wikipedia definition of Centella asiatica

They also tell you about many other aspects of gotu Kola

University of Maryland Medical Center Studies and Overview on Gotu Kola

Li Ching-Yuen The reason I became interested in it 30 years ago was after reading about this cool chinese guy!

Number 1 cause of death in America Health Care


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  • profile image

    cheach 7 years ago

    I enjoyed your article. I've started looking into herbs that may help in nerve regeneration and a forum on spinal cord injuries got me interested in Goto kola, Ashwagandha, Ginko and the Ginsengs. I'm not dealing with a SCI, but a herniated cervical disc has left me with a 2/3 reduction of strength in 1 arm and slight daily pain that worsens with exercise. It looks like the herbal road is a long haul so I'm looking for cheaper alternatives to tinctures and caps. I've bought the dried herbs in bulk and I'm looking for the right amount to use in teas, or if I have to make alcohol of lipid extracts. Your link to the U of M website was very useful but didn't have all of the info that I need. Could you suggest any other resources? I did make a tea from these 4 herbs yesterday and I spent the afternoon with a massive headache! From my research I'm guessing it was the tablespoon of Goto kola I infused that did it. Since then I've switched to 1 herb at a time to see how it goes. A 1/2 teaspoon of Ashwagandha in my yogi tea went well today.

  • profile image

    MemoryImprovement 9 years ago

    Having a good memory can do more for people than they usually realize. And you never know until you've got it. You must feel great knowing you have the security of a great memory these days. I feel it's very important to learn all we can about memory improving techniques that might enhance our ability to take the stress of wondering what we are forgetting off our minds. Kudos on the great page!