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Have You Been Cheated On?

Updated on December 24, 2014

How to Deal With Infidelity in Marriage

This lens provides you with psychotherapy after being betrayed, by analyzing all aspects of infidelity in marriage, and various aspects of human behavior.

You'll stop feeling revolted, finding support and relief.

After overcoming your depression and anger, you'll discover new alternatives for improving your life.

If you have discovered that your husband or wife is cheating on you, you are in a horrible situation. However, don't let despair and hatred control your behavior.

This lens provides you with psychotherapy by analyzing all aspects of infidelity in marriage, and by showing you various aspects of human behavior.

You'll find support and relief after the tragic experience of discovering that you have been cheated on by your partner.

The knowledge you'll acquire will give you courage to live and begin a new life, even after being a victim of so much cruelty, hypocrisy, and indifference. You'll overcome your depressed feelings, and discover that there are many alternatives for improving your life.

Remember that we live in a world where immorality is applauded and sold everyday. Infidelity in such a world is part of the routine.

Thus, don't think that you were betrayed because you are not attractive. There is nothing wrong with you. The reasons why your partner cheated on you are not related to your personality and appearance. Infidelity in marriage is a global phenomenon, caused by numerous factors.

Hidden infidelity in marriage is part of many couples' lives. Statistics reveal that around 55% of married women and married men have affairs with somebody else for a certain period of time, or permanently in their lives.

At least you know that you were betrayed. You won't be cheated on forever, without ever knowing what is happening to you. Don't think that you would have necessarily learned the bitter truth some day. 70% of betrayed husbands or wives are completely ignorant of the fact that their partner is having an affair.

Many women tolerate their husbands' infidelity even when they learn about it. They put up with being humiliated this way in order to preserve their family. However, they are constantly revolted by the fact.

Men rarely put up with this humiliation. When they learn that they have been betrayed they become very violent, wanting immediate revenge. Infidelity provokes many tragic situations.

Most husbands or wives are betrayed by their own friends. It's easier for their partners to get involved with those who belong to their social environment, instead of having an affair with a stranger. This means that most husbands or wives are betrayed by both their partners and friends at the same time. If this is your situation, you are not an exception.

There are also cases characterized by extreme cruelty.

Many married men or women attempt to kill their partner because they want to openly live with their lovers, instead of hiding their affair.

These men or women know that their partners would kill their lovers after discovering how sneaky their behavior was. Thus, many murder attempts mark the tragic story of betrayed husbands or wives.

They discover not only that they were cheated on, but also that there was a conspiracy against them, with the intention to put an end to their lives. If this is your case, urgently follow dream therapy and take care of your mental health. Don't let the mistakes of others ruin your life. I can instantly translate your dreams for you and provide you with psychotherapy. You can also learn how to translate your dreams alone, without depending on a dream translator.

Of course, their mistakes have already caused great damage to your life. However, things can get worse if you don't think over your actions. Even if your case is not one of the worst ones, you certainly need psychotherapy. You need professional support and guidance.

Your Moral Obligation


If you have children, think about your moral obligation to give them the love and the education they need. You must be a perfect parent for them. They've already lost their father or their mother, who betrayed you, and destroyed your family.

If you don't have children, don't think that you are free to commit suicide because nobody depends on your existence. The world needs your unique personality.

On the other hand, you are not a perfect human being, even if you have never betrayed anyone.

Perhaps you are responsible for being in such a horrible position today.

Why did you get married? Were you sure that you had really found the right person for you?

Perhaps you got married without understanding how serious your decision was. Perhaps you got involved with the wrong person because you were too naïve. Perhaps you didn't want to face that your partner was not in love with you, just because you were in love with him or her, and you couldn't accept the truth.

Now, put yourself in your partner's place.

What would you do if you were tired of your married life, and you'd suddenly fall in love with somebody else?

You'd probably betray your partner the same way you were betrayed, instead of today being in the position of a victim.

Perhaps instead of feeling that your destiny has been so unfair even though you are such a good person, you should be glad because you are the poor victim of your partner's infidelity, and not a cruel betrayer yourself

You could be the one who had completely disregarded your morals, and had a disgusting affair with your partner's best friend.

Don't think that you would surely be able to resist to the temptation to have a sexual relationship with somebody else in any situation. You could be seduced, and dominated by an irresistible sexual desire.

Even if you are a superior person who would never imitate your enemies' behavior, stop condemning them for acting like animals. Human beings are often controlled by animal instincts. Only a few people in our world are able to respect their moral principals in any circumstances.

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On the other hand, marriage becomes boring with time. Married people have to pay bills, sustain their family, educate their children, put up with being constantly visited (and criticized) by their mothers-in-law, or by their uncles, aunts, and other family members.

At a certain point they get fatigued. They want to escape from all obligations, and feel alive again.

Perhaps your partner is passing though a challenging period of time. If your husband is around 40 years old, he is passing through a phase of feeling attracted to young woman. If your wife is around 30 years old, and she has already become a mother, she is passing through a very delicate phase when married woman feel the need to recoup their freedom.

Even if your husband or wife is not passing through these challenging times, remember that everything in our world induces human beings to accept immorality. We live in a world inhabited by prostitutes and homosexuals, where even children are sexually abused.

Infidelity in such a world is part of the routine.

The reasons why your partner cheated on you are not related to your personality and appearance. Infidelity in marriage is a global phenomenon, caused by numerous factors.

Forget your enemies and think about your own life. Right now you are still shocked with the barbarous betrayal you were a victim of. However, you'll overcome your depressed feelings with time. Time is the medicine that cures all wounds.

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