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Calorific value meal at McDonald's

Updated on January 23, 2015

Beef patty hamburger, cheeseburger or any other sandwich consists only of beef and beef fat and contains no soy ingredients or other chemicals. However, the trick lies in loaves! There is added sugar, so that when baked bun was a beautiful golden crust and was even tastier. It is thanks to the soft sweet rolls, containing a lot of calories, people and gaining weight.

Just recently, we published an article that is certainly worth a try at McDonald's, and there are products listed these hapless rolls not, there ROLL used as pita bread, ciabatta and - special Italian bun that has nothing to do with Makdakovskim standard bread.

But all the same, McDonald's is a great institution that we love him with all my heart for democracy, good value for money, and for the fact that you are sure that in any city of the planet Earth where there is a McDonald's, you can eat what you like and this will be stable unchanging taste - it will always be the same and you know in advance how much you pay for it. And not to gain weight, count calories contained in the products, and do not wash down all that sugary soda in McDuck good coffee, at worst buy tea or juice. To help you estimate the number of calories, below is a table of the energy value of products McDonald's:

One serving - Kcal / Protein (gr.) / Fat (gr.) / Carbohydrates (gr.)

McMuffin with egg and pork chops - 425/26/21/33

Double McMuffin with egg and pork chops - 615/39/33/41

Fresh McMuffin - 380/19/18/35

Double Fresh McMuffin - 550/28/36/29

Chicken Fresh McMuffin - 355/13/15/42

McMuffin with pork cutlet - 345/19/15/33

McMuffin with egg and bacon - 305/18/14/26

McMuffin with egg and cheese - 275/16/12/26

Fresh Roll - 600/23/37/44

Great breakfast - 640/30/30/62

Pancakes with jam (a portion of the 2 pancakes) - 310/10/11/43

Pancakes with honey (a portion of the 2 pancakes) - 315/10/11/44

Scrambled eggs with ham - 350/21/14/35

Omelette - 330/18/13/35

MakTost ham - 260/14/10/28

MakTost - 235/11/9/28

Hashbraun - 140/1/9/14

Vegetable Salad - 60/3/0/10

Caesar Salad - 250/14/12/15

Carrot Sticks - 29/1/0/6

Apple slices - 35/0/0/8

Chicken McNuggets 4 pcs. - 170/11/9/11

Chicken McNuggets 6 pcs. - 250/17/13/16

Chicken McNuggets 9 pcs. - 380/25/20/25

Chicken McNuggets 20 pcs. - 855/57/45/55

Chicken McNuggets 4 pcs. - 390/19/18/38

Hamburger - 255/13/9/30

Cheeseburger - 300/16/13/30

Chikenburger - 310/15/12/36

Double Cheeseburger - 440/27/23/31

Big Mac - 495/27/25/40

Fillet-o-fish - 350/15/16/37

Makchiken - 390/19/18/38

Royal Cheeseburger - 505/32/27/34

Royal de Luxe - 495/27/27/36

Chicken Bacon - 665/27/37/61

BigTeysti - 850/48/51/50

Beef a la Rus with bacon - 620/34/34/44

Beef Roll - 550/21/32/44

Caesar Roll - 695/28/43/49

Fish Roll - 480/18/23/50

A small portion of French fries - 235/3/12/29

standard serving of french fries - 340/5/17/42

A large portion of fries - 505/8/26/66

Potatoes rustic - 315/5/16/38

Ice cream with chocolate filling - 325/6/11/50

Ice cream with caramel filling - 335/5/9/58

Ice cream with strawberry filling - 275/5/7/48

Wafer cone - 135/3/4/22

Cherry pie - 230/2/12/29

Muffin with chocolate - 480/7/32/41

Muffin with black currant - 470/7/31/40

Makflurri with rice balls - 340/6/8/56

Makfluri with chocolate wafer crumbs - 280/6/8/40

Makfluri De Luxe chocolate strawberry - 330/6/8/54

Makfluri De Luxe chocolate caramel - 375/6/10/60

We will not overload your data on calorie tea, coffee and cola, information about these products is much easier to find - it is placed on each pack and bottle. According to McDonald, the information given above, and she was taken from their official leaflets obtained after analysis of their usual servings of standard products in accredited laboratory centers. However, the formulation of products may change periodically, so McDonald's warned - there may be some differences in the composition of nutrients in foods purchased in their enterprises network fast service.


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