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What is Cheilitis? Natural Remedies & Treatment for Sores around Mouth

Updated on September 4, 2013
Mouth ulcers can be painful
Mouth ulcers can be painful | Source

What is Cheilitis? Angular Cheilitis and Sores around the Mouth

Angular Cheilitis is a medical condition that develops due to bacterial or fungal infection.

The condition is typified by swelling and inflammation in and around the oral cavity. Cuts in the corners of the mouth develop, along with sores and blisters on the lip.

The disorder makes it very difficult to eat or talk, and therefore, appropriate cheilitis treatment is very important.

Causes of Cheilitis: Sores around Mouth Causes

Here are some common causes associated with angular cheilitis include the following,

  1. The primary cause for angular cheilitis is bacterial or fungal infection. Cheilitis develops easily in individuals who have a compromised and poor immune system.
  2. The condition is also common in individuals who suffer from continuous pooling of saliva around the corners of the mouth, which increases the risk of developing infection.
  3. Nutritional deficiencies is another common cause for sores around the mouth. The chief deficiency disorders include folic acid, iron and vitamin B12 deficiency.
  4. Individuals who have had head and neck radiation are more vulnerable to the development of cheilitis. Individuals treated cancer of the salivary glands are at high risk of cheilitis.

Angular Cheilitis Symptoms: Sores around the Mouth Symptoms

Cheilitis is seen as sores, cracks or cuts at the corners of the mouth. Some of the common symptoms associated with Angular Cheilitis include,

  • Occasional presence of blisters within the oral cavity as well.
  • The mouth may become sore, red, inflamed and painful.
  • Bleeding is fairly common around the sores and may be associated with formation of ulcers, with or without discharging pus.
  • The sores often interfere with the ability to eat and drink food and in severe cases are associated with difficulty in talking.

Cheilitis Treatment at Home: Diet to Manage Sores around Mouth

Here are some simple tips that can be very beneficial in the management of sores around the mouth and in the treatment of angular cheilitis,

  • Make sure that you brush your teeth twice daily. After brushing your teeth or drinking water or washing your face, make sure that you dry the face and mouth completely. Moisture tends to aggravate cheilitis.
  • Consume plenty of fresh fruits; they supply the body with lots of essential nutrients and make up for deficiencies especially those associated with angular chelititis.
  • Incorporate loads of green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, beet root, figs, dates, mint, basil, whole grains, milk and yogurt in to your every day menu.These foods are rich in Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Iron.

Treatment for Cheilitis: Angular Cheilitis Home Remedies

Here are some effective home remedies and natural cures that help treat angular cheilitis effectively. These remedies encourage quick healing of the sores, cuts, cracks, blisters, and ulcers, decrease soreness and pain and prevent worsening of the condition.

  1. Aloe vera, Honey and Cocoa Butter: blend together and apply over the cuts and leave on. The discomfort and soreness will subside quickly and the process of healing will speed up.
  2. Cucumber: is a very effective home remedy for cheilitis. Grate cucumber and apply over the sores; it soothes the inflamed skin and helps in healing.
  3. Tea tree Oil: In cases of stubborn fungal or bacterial infections, tea tree essential oil is considered beneficial. Apply the oil around the mouth and leave overnight. Tea tree is a powerful medicinal oil that battles infections successfully.

Home Remedies for Cheilitis: Natural Treatment for Sores around the Mouth

  • Most importantly, you need to start supplements to make up for server dietary inadequacies. Start a folic acid, vitamin B complex and iron supplement; daily for 15 days. You may discuss with your health care professional before embarking on to the supplementation.
  • Have one glass of fresh juice every day. Ideally, a combination of carrot, beet and spinach is advocated. It helps clear up the condition immediately.
  • What’s more, stay well hydrated; consume 12 glasses of water every day.


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