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chicken soup for the cold

Updated on June 11, 2012

Mum’s cured after two days. Today morning, she told me that she’s well and insisted to go out but I didn’t let her.

When I came home, Mum had had cold for week. She coughed all night and her body’s in pain. I feel bad, she’s not well I know but coughing, she never had this bad.

She’ve tried different methods but none of them worked. I searched for an alternative way to cure her, I’ve always loved alternative methods, food as medicine.

I found this , which basically meant, if you catch cold for any reason, tried this proven method below: before you go to bed, massage your feet’ bottom, especially the centre-the point at the middle down of your feet’ pad (picture) with hot gel, then put socks on. After three days, you’ll cured

illustrated picture from google image

Along with that I cooked congee and then chicken soup. In Eastern culture, we use food as part of the treatment and vary ingredients depending on the symptom. In this case, I used ingredients which is believed to cure cold and cough(add heat, has calming effect, boost immunise systems) including ginger, mandarine’s skin (kumquat is better), shiitake mushroom(soaking in warm water, washed and cut in half; strained the water and add to the soup), onion, lotus seed and essentially chicken thighs leaving some chicken skin to add later on. You could also add chili, fig, goji berry, spices.

This dish is very simple, as long as you have good ingredients and mind water level.
Put all ingredients in a pot, add water, seasoning with salt, and cook till the chicken thighs become fragile that you can easily have chicken flake floating in soup after dozen stirs around the pot. It takes about three hours with normal pot and half an hour with pressure cooker.

Yummy medicine, enjoy!

I admit that I sneaked one small bowl, enjoyed it and happy that mum liked it too.


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