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How to Treat A Child With Body Odor

Updated on August 27, 2009

Treatments for body odor?

Body odor in your child is not normal, unless they are near the age of puberty. It is when a child hits puberty that the androgen hormones in their bodies are activated, which makes their sweat smelly. Before this age, your child should not exhibit foul smelling body odor. Child body odor is often caused by other factors.

Does your child drink milk? You may want to switch to an organic milk, because sometimes the hormones in regular milk can cause body odor in children. You can also try substituting cow's milk with rice or almond milk. Soy milk is not recommended for children, because it contains phytoestrogens, which may interfere with a child's hormonal development.

Some other food can contribute to stinky body odor in children. Try experimenting with eliminating certain foods such as meats, eggs, wheat, dairy, and corn. This may control body odor.

How to get rid of body odor in a child?

If you're child is not a milk drinker, then a rare, metabolic disorder may be the cause. In this case, your child's body would be unable to produce a certain enzyme that are required to break down certain chemicals in the body. Make sure when you see your pediatrician that you do not bathe your child that day, so they can smell the odor that you are concerned about.

Another cause of child body odor could be parasites. There are many natural home remedies for getting rid of these nasty little parasite, but see your child's pediatrician so they can perform tests to discover exactly what type of parasite it is. Then, you can move on to treat as needed.

Some children can also have hyperactive sweat glands that could be causing the excessive body odor. Metal toxicities could also be the cause of your child's body odor issues. A metal toxicity test performed by a Naturopathic doctor by a simple hair mineral test and heavy metal toxicity test can rule out the possibility of metal toxins causing the body odor.

Do not use an antiperspirant on your child to control body odor. These are formulated for adult bodies and may contain too many toxins and chemicals that would be harmful to a smaller, less developed body. There are plenty of harmless natural remedies that you could use instead of antiperspirant to control your child's body odor.


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