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Chiropractic Internet and Social Media Marketing

Updated on August 30, 2017

Chiropractic Internet and Social Media Marketing Tips, Tactics, Advice and More for Free!

This lens was created by the founder of, Doctor James. It is dedicated to providing the Chiropractic profession with tips and advice on Chiropractic internet marketing and social media.

Why a lens dedicated to Chiropractic web and internet marketing? The days of Chiropractic Marketing past are gone, never to return. Things aren't as simple as a newspaper display ad and a listing in the phone book anymore. These dying and antiquated marketing tactics simply don't cut it in our technologically driven world. Today's Doctor of Chiropractic needs to be educated and informed on how to market his/her Chiropractic practice via the internet and social media. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, YouTube and countless others are the key to Chiropractic success. Without a fundamental knowledge of how to use these sites, and the time devoted to actually doing it, a Chiropractic practice will have much difficulty succeeding. With that in mind, this lens was created to be a source of free, ethical, and effective Chiropractic internet marketing tips. So let's get started!

5 Chiropractic Internet Marketing and Chiropractic Social Media Marketing Tips

1. Consistency is Key: Make sure the overall message you are communicating is consistent throughout all of your social media marketing and networking. Don't say one thing on Twitter and contradict yourself on Facebook or in a blog post.

2. Practice the Three "F's" of Chiropractic Internet Marketing: Publish Frequent, Fresh, and Fabulous content. Don't let your website, blog, or social media accounts sit stale and unused. Publish new and fresh content frequently. Aim for a minimum of one blog post or website change per week. Social Media accounts should ideally be updated daily, but several times a week is a starting point. Finally, make sure you are publishing fabulous content that will engage your audience and provide information of value.

3. Video is King: Video is still the king of all Media (Sorry Howard Stern). It fits our busy lifestyles and it commands the attention of the audience. Make an effort to include video in your Chiropractic internet marketing on a regular basis.

4. Engage Your Audience: Ask for feedback, comments and input. People love to express their views and voice their opinion. This can also provide valuable insight into your patients' perception of you and your Chiropractic practice.

5. Educate:The internet and social media sites provide a golden opportunity to educate your Chiropractic patients and the general public. Do not waste this opportunity to empower your patients and community or the chance to promote Chiropractic care.

Getting started with Chiropractic Internet and social media marketing can be overwhelming. Prioritizing tasks is one way to make things much easier!
Getting started with Chiropractic Internet and social media marketing can be overwhelming. Prioritizing tasks is one way to make things much easier!

What are the Bare Essentials for Effective Chiropractic Internet and Social Media Marketing?

The "must haves" for Chiropractic web marketing success.

If you are just beginning your Chiropractic internet and social media marketing journey, you will soon find it can easily be a full time job. I'm often contacted by overwhelmed Chiropractors who are looking at a huge list of endless marketing opportunities and they have no idea where to start focusing their time and energy. I'm often asked for a short laundry list of the bare minimum a successful Chiropractic practice must have, achieve, or accomplish to establish an online presence. While I always hate recommending a bare minimum for anything, I understand time limitations make this necessary.

With so many possibilities, the Chiropractic internet beginner needs to prioritize tasks. Here are my recommendations for the first 4 or 5 places you need to concentrate your efforts when you begin marketing your Chiropractic practice via the internet. Please keep in mind, this is just a bare bones beginning. This will get your Chiropractic internet marketing feet wet and patients into your practice in the first few months of practice. If you want to be truly successful you

1. A Practice Website/Blog hosted on your dedicated Domain:

You need to have some sort of online home for your professional identity. A website or blog is your permanent virtual business card that should be available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The goal of all of your other activities and efforts on the internet will be to drive traffic to this website or blog. Of course the main goal will be to schedule new patients, but most will want to visit your website to learn more about you and your practice before scheduling.

You can start out with a very basic website. A premade Chiropractic website will do. I usually recommend a unique and custom website, but when you are starting out time constraints may require the use of a "cookie cutter" Chiropractic website template. You don't need to be extremely fancy in the beginning. A simple website listing more information about you, a description of your services, some photos, and directions to your office are a perfectly acceptable starter website. We can design a unique and affordable Chiropractic website for you over at We can even handle your webhosting sign up, domain registration, and more.

I listed a website or blog since a blog can easily be setup to function as a website. In fact the Wordpress blogging format allows for the use of templates that make a blog function well as an entire website. Wordpress blog theme templates are attractive, packed with available features, easily updated, and often free!

What does "on a dedicated domain" mean? It simply means you that you should register your own name for your website and it's associated home on the internet. Some sites and companies offer free websites but they are hosted on their domain. This is fine for light personal use, but it looks unprofessional for business use. To get to your free website a patient might have to type htttp:// This looks very unprofessional. The better idea is to register your own domain and host your website on it. Patients could then type in You get the idea!

2. A Facebook Account: At the time of this writing there are an estimated 5 million+ facebook users. A facebook account is totally free and highly recommended for any Chiropractic practice serious about marketing via the internet.

3. A Twitter Account: Hot on the tail of facebook is Twitter. It is an extremely popular social networking website. If you aren't familiar with Twitter it is a website that allows users to connect with others and send short 140 character messages or updates. The business world and health care providers have embraced it for it's simplicity, effectiveness and usefulness. Twitter is absolutely FREE to join and use.

4. A YouTube Account: YouTube is a socially based website where users upload and share videos. It is an extremely popular site with millions of users. Video is the perfect way to promote your practice and Chiropractic. I'd highly recommend obtaining an affordable HD quality mini camcorder/camcorder and regularly uploading videos to YouTube. There is no cost to sign up with YouTube and begin sharing videos.

There you have it! The 4 MUST HAVES for beginning your Chiropractic internet and social media marketing plan. This is just the tip of the iceberg and the very small beginning to a full scale Chiropractic internet marketing campaign. As I'm sure you are beginning to see, Chiropractic internet marketing is a lot of work. With that in mind I'd like to invite you to stop by We can handle all of the tasks listed above, and more, at extremely affordable rates. Honestly most Doctors and Chiropractic practices don't (or won't) dedicate the time necessary to successfully market themselves via the internet. That's where we come in! For low prices we can manage as much, or as little, of your Chiropractic internet marketing as you'd like.

We'll cover some more advanced Chiropractic internet marketing tasks in a future post. Until then, thanks for reading!

-Dr. James

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Do you use Social Media in Your Chiropractic Marketing?

Social media and social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace and more are very effective forms of FREE chiropractic internet marketing and advertising. Do you actively use these free resources to promote your Chiropractic practice? Sound off! Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Do you actively promote your Chiropractic practice via social media and social networking sites?

No Time for Chiropractic Internet or Social Media Marketing? We Can Handle it for You! - Buy our Chiropractic article, press release, or social media services r

Chiropractic internet and social media marketing is highly effective and very affordable. So why don't most practices tap into this Chiropractic marketing goldmine to the greatest extent possible? The sad truth is most busy Chiropractors and staff simply lack the know how, and time needed to do it correctly. Chiropractic internet marketing domination requires long hours and tedious work.

Thankfully we have the answer! Now you can buy many of our common Chiropractic internet/social media marketing services in a familiar online shopping format.

Whether you need a chiropractic article ghost written, a press release or an all out online Chiropractic internet marketing campaign we can do it all for you. We can include you in the process as much as you'd like. Tell us what you want and have us do some of the work, or simply pay us and let us work our magic while you treat patients and enjoy your free time!

Here is a small list of the services we offer:

- Chiropractic internet article writing

- Chiropractic internet article submission

- Chiropractic internet article promotion

- Chiropractic press release writing

- Chiropractic press release submission and promotion

- Social Media Account creation: setup, design of custom profiles and pages, and much more

- Social Media content management. (We can author and publish tweets, facebook updates, and more for you. Fully handled by us, just simply monitor the content and give us feedback and direction!)

- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Squidoo, Myspace, Google Places and so much more!

- Chiropractic website design and setup. We can even handle your hosting setup and more at prices FAR below any other source.

- Chiropractic logo creation

- Chiropractic blog setup and management

- Chiropractic Facebook page creation, customization, and more.

Head on over to our store and check out our services and insanely low prices. Keep in mind this site just lists some of our most common services that we can easily put a price on. Many of our services are so individualized they require a custom quote, so if you don't see it listed just ask!

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      Efforts begin marketing your Chiropractic practice via the internet.Nice Lens Shared

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      very useful information

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      Great lens. Enjoyed reading your "Bare Essentials" article


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