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Joy in the Chiropractic Clinic? Yes - I found It!

Updated on May 20, 2014

Joy in the Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractic has a new significance to me since I entered the office of Dr. Joy Aardappel. Dr. Joy, as she is affectionately known, practices Brain Based chiropractic.

After my third bout with Peripheral Neuropathy breakthrough pain, I was in crisis.

Life is too valuable for me to live enslaved to a fierce condition such as PN, but MD's, both my primary doctors and neurologists had given me no hope of improvement.

Once a heavy dose, an ever increasing dose, of the prescription drug gabapentin was no longer able to keep the intense nerve pain under wraps, I turned to the Internet, as my modern-day cliche drama morphed into a real-life fire-breathing dragon, snapping at my extremities.

The PN pain became the clothes I wore, the thoughts I kept. criminally painful, as it clutched at my senses, driving me to enter the alternate world of web-based Healthcare Sleuth.

Enter Dr. Joy Aardappel onto the scene of my unrelenting quest, and my life began to turn around. I found improvement, relief and healing.

image credit: I took these photographs


"I believe

in all types of healing,

including that of the soul."

Dr. Joy Aardappel

Switching from the MD Path to the Chiropractic Way

Dr. Aardappel's family heritage includes a reverence for Asian Medicine. She was raised in a California home where alternatives to chemical medicines were commonplace, so, from early on, she was familiar with acupuncture, and the use of herbal remedies was a common practice. Even so, her elders expected her to pursue a career in western medicine, and she adapted her preferences to follow medical studies.

Dr. Joy approached her education with a clear sense of purpose, with the intention of following her natural inclination to heal. She considered a career in Marine Science, and earned a Neuroscience degree from UC Santa Cruz.

At that point she consulted an old family friend, to explore a leaning towards a more natural form of medicine. When he had experienced the same qualms, at a similar point in his education, with no regret, he had switched his focus to Chiropractic. Upon reflection, Joy Aardappel eventually also switched from Western Allopathic Medicine to the study of Chiropractic.

She graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College, in 2007, as Valedictorian, magna cum laude, and began her practice in Los Angeles. After years of practice Dr. Aardappel left the density of the Los Angeles chiropractic scene for the refreshing northwest environment.

Her practice, Serenity Chiropractic, is in Bellevue, Washington. Dr. Aardappel practices at Serenity Clinic 13343 N.E. 20th St., Suite E, Bellevue, WA 98805. 425.727.7785, and at Healthquest Chiropractic, next door (Suite D).

Observant and Skillful

When I first met Dr. Joy I felt embraced by her gentleness of spirit.

I was in extreme pain, from Peripheral Neuropathy, after more than a decade of prescription drug treatment for the pain.

Primary and Obvious Disorders

Last year I suffered repeated episodes of breakthrough pain, of a magnitude I could scarcely bear. During sleepless nights I researched the dreadful condition, and wrote Peripheral Neuropathy Pain and several other articles #2 #3 #4

I was aware that my friend's husband" was a chiropractor, but I was oblivious to the fact that chiropractic treatment could help me overcome the PN pain.

Dr. Joy made an extensive inventory of my status, including the history of ailments, my current condition and complaints, and an overview of my nutritional, vocational, mental and emotional health.

Immediate Dietary Adjustments

From her observations and questions, Dr. Joy decided that my dietary habits needed a tune-up. She devised a plan for removing toxic elements from my body, prior to infusing my diet with health-giving foodstuffs.

She tailored a dietary cleanse for my specific condition and needs. I remember clearly, the day she gave me the printed list of dietary changes, designed just for me. I was miserable with the pain, so I became resolute that I would follow her instructions, no matter how much I would miss black tea and ice cream!


I opt for the Activator, in place of the physical manipulations, and actually came to appreciate its use. It is painless and quiet, and delivers enough pressure, over a small area, that it feels like it is actually working.

Dr. Joy keeps in top physical condition and hones her muscle strength through the types of treatments that stretch my tight and sore places.

Chiropractic Neurology

Since her graduation, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Dr. Aardappel has continued taking neurology classes that aid her in her Brain-Based practice.

She recognizes the interconnectedness of the mind, brain, nerve interdependence, in attaining optimum health, and regularly tests and strengthens my neurological functions through exercises.

While my former neurologists treated my PN pain only with prescription drugs, and gave me no hope of improvement, Dr.Joy's Serenity Clinic has brought me from a point of total disability, due to the PN pain, to a point where the Rx has been cut by 75%, and the pain is reduced by 99% to 70%!

The Mind-Body Connection

Dr. Joy Aardappel's Professional Attributes

She emphasizes the prime importance of the physician's hands, as she speaks of the origin of the word chiropractic, her chosen profession.

Physician's Hands

At the root of the contemporary term is the Greek word cheir, meaning hand. Linked with the literal meaning is the concept of power inherent in the hand, and the benefits of laying on hands.

Sweet Sincerity is More Than Sentimentality

Humility and genuine sweetness embrace the patient, instilling in one an immediate sense of trust. From that point on, the patient is more attuned to follow Dr. Joy's lead, to cooperate in healing.

She believes that simple behavioral kindnesses affect her patients wellbeing. She considers herself to be a "Caretaker of Wellness," the embodiment of Serenity.

As she appraises the structural basis of her patients' ailments, Dr. Joy expresses her natural gift for compassion.

Her practice of chiropractic encompasses intricate observation, and review, prior to starting treatment.

Dr. Joy's hands are always coupled with her gentle conveyance of caring, combined with knowledge.

She embodies the spirit of acceptance, of recognition of the patient's dignity,

Brain-Based Therapy Heals and Helps

A Remarkable Gift of Serenity - Dr. Joy Aardappel's Serenity Gallery

My chiropractor opened an Art Gallery when she expanded her clinic. At one point early in my treatment Dr. Joy made a house call. I drug myself from bed to door, to let her in, dependent upon crutches, and unable to move without crying out in pain. By the time she left I had tucked the crutches back again, into the recesses of the closet.

My artwork hangs on my walls, and I showed Dr. Joy around my studio. At an ensuing visit she declared her intention to turn the large space of her new location into an art gallery. She proposed to open, with an exhibit of my work. We settled on a blending of three series, one on the walls to the left of the entry, another along the walls of the hallway, and the most recent work on the walls to the right of the entry. That's me, in the jacket, and this is one demonstration of my marvelous chiropractor's serenity and generosity of spirit.

Body Language Exudes Compassion

Dr. Joy, the lady in the red sweater, demonstrates the genuineness of her focus on others.

Towards Serenity

The sole

art that suits me

is that which,

rising from unrest,

tends toward serenity.

Andre Gide


Gallery is an Active, Lovely Space

Tables and chairs invite patients to drop in anytime, for refreshments and a dose of serenity.

At one workshop a raw-foods expert taught patients and guests the importance and enjoyment of a raw-foods diet. She made green smoothies on-the-spot, and convinced me to add them to my diet, with each meal.

Nonprofit groups have used the space for occasional meetings and networking. In this way Dr. Joy immerses her patients and the community in beauty.

Manual of Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Manual Therapy: Physiology, Neurology and Psychology, 1e
Fundamentals of Manual Therapy: Physiology, Neurology and Psychology, 1e

Clearly explains the fundamentals of the interworkings of manipulation and touch of the patient's body.


Explore Raw Foods to Increase Health

Raw Food: A Complete Guide for Every Meal of the Day
Raw Food: A Complete Guide for Every Meal of the Day

If you're baffled about how to increase the amount of raw foods in your diet, this is an excellent introduction.


Try a Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health
Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health

This is the book I use to make my green smoothies.


Vitamix Makes the Best Green Smoothies

Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500
Vitamix 1300 TurboBlend 4500

Make it easy on yourself to add phytonutrients to your diet in the easiest way - every day.


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    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 4 years ago

      @Pat Goltz: Yes, patgoltz, that's what my mom used to say, and it helps me realize that I didn't clarify the type of treatments I receive. There's none of the rough stuff, not even like I received from an osteopath I saw as a teen.

      Dr. Joy uses one of those little spring-type devices that delivers a little force to her finger, and my body just gets the benefit of the vibration. Maybe that's what you mean by low velocity manipulation. Thanks.

    • Pat Goltz profile image

      Pat Goltz 4 years ago

      I used to accept chiropractic, but discovered it is too harsh. The movements are too sudden, and can cause trauma, and they tend not to hold. I went to low velocity manipulation instead. These treatments last months to years, and cause no trauma. I would like to learn more about brain-based chiropractic. This is a lovely tribute. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 4 years ago

      I have a wonderful chiropractor too! Her name is Dr. Deb Ford and she's in Lakewood, Colorado. She's indispensable to me.