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How Choices Define Destiny

Updated on May 6, 2012

Choices carry strength and power and is important in a woman's life.

Choices carry strength and power. This element is extremely important in a woman’s life. She’s faced with choices every single day of her life, whether small or big. A single choice can change the entire direction of her life for good or bad. What makes one woman choose one thing and another woman something else when faced with the same situation or dilemma? It has to do with her values, her perceptions, and her past experiences. It also has a lot to do with how she feels about herself and what she truly thinks her worth is. Remember: A lot of thinking is done on a subconscious level.

What choices are you going to make differently? What choices are you going to stick with and add even more value to?

Your Worth
How important is your worth as a woman? What you may want to understand, is that happy and successful women make it a practice and a "habit" of making "certain" and "specific" choices that elevate them and empower them on a daily and weekly basis.

Rule Number 1: Happy and successful woman simply choose and decide to be happy.

You may be thinking that these women are happy because they are successful. However, in actuality, they are successful because they choose to be happy. Never forget that.

It’s much of a choice for them. Think of it as picking out your favorite ice cream at the grocery store. You’re still going to pick out your favorite ice cream regardless of what’s going on in your life, right? Let’s make something clear: Life happens. Life is not all roses and peaches, but never once think you don’t have a choice to decide how you feel. You always have a choice about how to react or respond to situations in your life. Make happiness more of a choice for you, rather than a basis on outcome or surroundings.

Enjoy life. Enjoy being beautiful. Finding happiness is not as hard as you think. Enjoy the fact that you have choices!


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