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Chromium Battles Diabetes

Updated on July 21, 2017

Chromium, a trace mineral, plays a pivotal role in the management and control of diabetes and helps in fighting blood sugar levels.

Bell peppers, Tomatoes and Broccoli are Loaded with Chromium

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by elevation of the blood sugar level and an increased risk of developing cardio-vascular disorders, stroke, diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease), diabetic retinopathy and loss of nerve function.

A lack or an excess of blood sugar level could be destructive. Hence, the body strives to sustain normal blood glucose levels. Hormones insulin and glucagon maintain the delicate balance successfully. Insulin helps lower blood glucose level, by promoting the absorption and utilization of glucose by the cells, while glucagon increases serum glucose level. Thus, they work synergistically to achieve normal sugar level.

How Chromium Helps Maintain Normal Blood Glucose Levels and Manage Diabetes?

Chromium plays an important part in the glucose tolerance factor, a vital enzyme system that is involved in blood sugar regulation.

There is substantial evidence and research documentation that says that chromium level in the blood is a significant determining factor for insulin sensitivity. When chromium levels are low, blood sugar levels remain high. This is due to reduced sensitivity of the cells to Insulin.

Supplementing the daily diet with chromium promises to normalize and regularize blood sugar levels. It helps in the effective management of diabetes and keeps the adverse complications associated with diabetes at bay. Chromium increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin and appreciably improves glucose tolerance.

Other Health Benefits Offered by Chromium

Additionally, chromium rich foods help decrease total serum cholesterol and serum triglyceride levels effectively. (Invariably, diabetics demonstrate elevated cholesterol levels.)

Also, it helps reduce body weight, attain ideal body mass composition and augments lean muscle mass. Weight loss is one of the prime objectives of treating diabetes mellitus; it improves all aspects of the disorder appreciably.

Excellent Food Sources of Chromium

It is very essential for diabetics to supplement their daily diet with chromium rich foods. These foods improve the body’s sensitivity to Insulin and successfully manage diabetes.

The following foods supply a generous dose of the mineral:

  • brewer’s yeast
  • whole wheat
  • wheat bran
  • wheat germ
  • green bell pepper
  • apple
  • spinach

Wheat Bran is Another Excellent Source

Recommended Daily Allowance or RDA for Chromium

There is no specific RDA for chromium. However, clinical trials and investigations state that a minimum of 200 micrograms of the mineral are essential per day.

What’s more, refined sugar, refined wheat flour, denatured foods and processed foods tend to deplete chromium levels in the body. Thus, cutting down on these foods is an important aspect of sustaining healthy levels of chromium in the body and checking diabetes.

Chromium Supplement

The successful management of diabetes calls for a multi-disciplinary approach. Appropriate medication, correct diet, medicinal food prescriptions, a graded exercise program, yoga, stress-busting, and a consistent lifestyle pattern are all vital components of the treatment regimen for diabetes mellitus.


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