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colour therapy

Updated on March 6, 2010


Colur is everywhere in our lives. If we see the sky its blue, the sun its yellow and so on and so many. The colours hasve an effect on our body. In India the use of colour as a treatment for diseases and mental relaxment is recorded in the olden ayurvedic books. Basically, colour is just a form of energy. We all know that everything in this world has its own frequency. The same way each colour has its own frequency. They play different roles in our body.


The source

We know that the sun is a source of energy for the earth without which nothing could survive in our plannet. The energy of the sun comprises of many forms but the one which we're gonna see is Light. This light energy is needed for us to survive. We also know that the natural source of vitamin D is the sun. The sun's light takes seven forms violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red(VIBGYOR) in the visible spectrum and also has two more invisible energy forms, the ultraviolet region over the violet and the infrared region below the red. All these colours interact with our body in one way or the other.

ayurvedic colour therapy
ayurvedic colour therapy
colour therapy device
colour therapy device

Chromo therapy

Colour therapy is also called as Chromo therapy. It is mainly the use of colour in medicine. As said earlier each colour has its own frequency. This property is used when therapists treat us. Each colour plays different roles in our body. Red stimulates the blood flow wheras blue or white calms the blood flow. Each colour works in different areas according to their frequency. The colour resonates with the body and haves some effect on the body. It may be healing or stress relief. It should be noticed that colour therapy is different from light therapy.

In ancient ayurvedic method, colour was incorporated through saturated oils. The oils were filled in separate bottles and were mixed with water and placed in sunlight with one forth of space for air to mix. Then these were drunk to incorporate the colours in the body for balancing the energy of the body

But now, in Italy a device was built just for colour therapy. They use coloured gel to make the light coloured. Previously fluorescent lamps were covered with coloured papers for coloured lights but the method was not good as these papers faded away. But the colour therapy device built in Italy can be used for consistent treatment.

Each colour has effect on different parts of the body

Part of body
circulatory system

Colour in phsycology

Each of us have our own favorite colours and also a colour which we don't like. Phycologists use this to find out our character, and what we need. For example, if we are fond of dark colour they suspect that we are in need of relaxation. Colours contain emotions. These emotions are incorporated in us and they are driven out by colours

Red is associated with courage and strength. Orange with social confidence and happiness. Yellow with optimism and self esteem. Green with peace, hope and self control. Aqua with calmness and oppeness. Blue with knowledge and communication. Indigo with serenity and imagination. Violet with inspiration and creativity. Magenta with soothing and relaxation.

Each colour plays a role with our emotions. Colours with good emotions are liked and made favorite but those with bad emotions are hated.

With all these info's phsycologists treat their patients with the help of colour


                      Colour therapy is criticised by many MD's but still there are people who support the theory who believe that this therapy has cured and relieved several people. Not many hospitals follow this method of therapy, but still, there is a road for it to devolop.


Thus this natural therapy has several advantages over humans and also adopted to technological ways to improve its standards and irradiate its curing effects over humans.


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